PCFC and GDRFA discuss upcoming 8th “Emirates of Tolerance” Mass Wedding

Dubai – 15 November 2019: The joint Mass Wedding Committee of Ports Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) andGeneral Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) held their fifth meeting at Dubai Customs main building to discuss arrangements for the upcoming 8th mass wedding, which will run this year under the slogan “Emirates of Tolerance”. The meeting was headed by Khalil Saqer bin Gharib, Director of Corporate Communication Department and Head of Mass Wedding Committee in the presence of Colonel Ali Shaban and Captain Hasan Al Ma’amari from GDRFA, and members of the committee from both sides.

Bin Gharib confirmed the importance of cooperation between Dubai Customs and different government departments to make mass weddings a success and get the most out of them.

These initiatives helpfamilies towards more stability and happiness. Happy families are our strategic objective” bin Gharib said. “These regular meetings help implement PCFC and GDRFA shared strategy of supporting social initiatives such as mass weddings which aim to reduce costs for those planning to wed.We helped 700 male and female employees tie the knot and make stable families during the last seven years.”

The meeting covered best arrangements for the upcoming mass wedding in December.

The committee also concluded the “Happy Marriage” program which targeted 160 male and female employees who will wed, and raised awareness among them about how to maintain a happy matrimonial life.

On his part, Colonel Ali Shaban applauded the strategic partnership with Dubai Customs saying it’s a long term successful partnership that supports social initiatives towards a more cohesive society.

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