A tribute to the UAE: Friesland Campina launches limited edition National Day Rainbow Milk can

Dubai, UAE,28November2019:FrieslandCampina,one of the world’s leading and largest dairy cooperatives, has launched a limited-edition Rainbow Milk can in the UAE to commemorate the 48thUAE National Day.

Honoring its deep roots in the nation’s culture, the limited-edition can will feature the UAE’s Year of Tolerance logo. A staple in tea shops, cafes and canteens, Rainbow milk has been the dairy option of choice for karak chai and other hot beverages across the Emirates for decades, with original Rainbow cans even earning a place in the Dubai Museum.

To further celebrate its commitment to the UAE’s vision and its people, FrieslandCampinaalso used the National Day celebrations as a platform to announce its Emirates-wide sustainability initiative.Taking a step towards a greener UAE, the dairy company is encouraging lovers of Rainbow Milk to recycle by placing their used and empty cans in Rainbow-branded collection recycling bins strategically located at selected Choithramsstores across Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. Consumers can also drop their used cans off at KM Trading stores in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The recycling initiative is in line with FrieslandCampina’s sustainability ambitions, which focus on investments in sustainable long-term growth for the benefit of future generations. The dairy cooperative’s latest initiative alsosupportsthe UAE’s Vision 2021 National Agenda, which is focused on implementing green growth plans and maintaining a sustainable environment and infrastructure.

Sumeet Mathur, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina Middle East, said: “As one of the first dairy companies in the region and one of the UAE’s long-standing favorites, it was fitting that we celebrate this year’s National Day with a limited-edition Rainbow Milk can. But,we also wanted to go a step further by contributingto the nation’s admirable target of diverting 75 per cent of municipal solid waste away from landfills by 2021 bylaunching our initiative to collect Rainbow Milk cans.We understand that our sustainablilygoals can only be achieved in cooperation with our partners.”

Since launching its range of Rainbow evaporated milk products in the UAE in 1955, which marked the arrival ofone of thefirst multi-national brands in the Arab region, FrieslandCampina products have become a much-loved staple in Emirati and expat homes. Rainbow Milk has now been a part of local consumers lives for generations and continues to be the first choice for its creamy, delicious taste and nutritious ingredients.

FrieslandCampinahas committed to integratinga sustainability policy into its business strategy tocontinuously producemore sustainable dairy products. Rainbow Milk’s latest limited-editioncanreinforces the company’s commitment towards its loyal consumer base in the UAE while reaffirmingits pledge to lower and reduce the company’s environmental impact by investing in sustainable operations.