The Sixth Annual Women’s Heritage Walk Launches in Abu Dhabi First Ever Men’s Heritage Walk Announced

Organizers of the annual Women’s Heritage Walk officially launched the sixth edition of the event and the first edition of the Men’s Heritage Walk in October 2019 in Abu Dhabi. The Walks are five-day cultural treks from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. Both follow a 120 km route that recreates the seasonal journey made by Emirati tribes from the coast to the inland oasis, where families would traditionally join the date harvest and enjoy the cooler climate of Al Ain during the hottest months of the year.

In only five years, the Women’s Heritage Walk established itself as a unique multi-faceted event focusing on four pillars of culture and heritage, health and wellness, strength and leadership, and community building. This event is known in both the UAE and around the world. Up to 70 women from diverse backgroundscomplete the journey each year with the support of each other and a passionate team of organizers.

Over the years, the community asked about the possibility of offering this same life-affirming experience for men. This year, with the support of the SalamabintHamdan Al Nahyan Foundation, organizers have confirmed that men will have the opportunity to retrace this journey through history. They will be immersed in the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and will connect more deeply with themselves and each other.

In the lead-up to the Walks, male and female Walkers will receive specialized training from certified desert guides and access to a range of social events. The event package includes up to ten weeks of training, five days and four nights of unforgettable adventure in the desert, in addition to all meals and accommodation at authentic Bedouin campsites. A dedicated ambulance, support vehicles, and professional campsite management teams are also on hand each day to ensure the safety and comfort of participants.

With the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, daily cultural events will be organized to help Walkers learn about the traditions of the United Arab Emirates.

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