Renaissance Downtown Hotel, DubaiEmbraces the Keto Movement

Dubai, November 2019:Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai is delighted to announce the introduction of keto-friendly dishes to the menus of BASTA!, Bleu Blanc and Morimoto.

A ‘keto diet’ focuses on eating low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat foods to promote fat loss and improvement in health. By reducing carbs and increasing fats, the body goes into a state called ‘ketosis’ and becomes more efficient at burning fat for energy.

Keeping up with the rising popularity of the ketogenic diet, Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai has carefully crafted new menu items for BASTA!, Bleu Blanc and Morimoto to ensure dining out on keto needs be challenging. Bleu Blanc will now serve up a selection of ketogenic goodies drawing inspiration from the South of France including Sea Bass withgarlic chives, dashi butter, jalapeñoand King Crab Leg with capers and beurre noisette. The melt-in-your-mouth Miso Eggplant from Morimoto and the BASTA! chopped salad are other creative keto dishes, particularly perfect if desiring a meat-free meal.All dishes will be clearly labelled and highlighted as keto on the main menus.

Whether a devotee of the keto diet or a curious newbie, Renaissance Downtown Hotel Dubai’s selection of keto dishes from small bites and snacks to heartier dishes for lunch and dinner provide a delicious alternative to carb-heavy dishes, piquingthe palate and satisfying all cravings.

Offer:New Keto items on the menus of all Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai F&B outlets

Location: Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai F&B outlets (BASTA!, Bleu Blanc, Morimoto).

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