Discover a Scent for Every Moment with The Blend Set & Perfume Box by LOOTAH Perfumes

Dubai (December 2019): A truly authentic Emirati brand with global appeal, LOOTAH is far more than just another perfumery; it is the vanguard of the finest fragrances – a contemporary aroma trend-setter with a scent for every moment and a gift set for all occasions.With the holiday season almost upon us, LOOTAH has a gift set filled withfragrant perfection to suit all tastes,including The Blend Set and The Perfume Box – containing the fragrances of today, shaped by the traditions of yesterday, to define tomorrow.

The Blend Set is an elegant gift set featuring fragrance lovers’ favouriteLOOTAH treasures,inspired by the authentic blends originally handcrafted in the master perfumers’ family home,including Palomino perfume, Ayoon Al Maha fragrant oil and Oud Al Sultan fragrant oud, all in one luxurious leather box for just AED 690. For those looking for the finest perfume collection, The Perfume Box is the ideal choice.Featuring three best-selling perfumes, Suave, Palomino and Petal, in one beautiful box for only AED 790 – this extra special set is a gift that you and your loved ones will truly cherish.

Inspired by a family’s passion inherited from their grandfather, Saleh Bin Nasser Bin Lootah, whose deep-rooted perfume and incenseknowledgeand expertise has been passed on through four generations of skilled perfumers – LOOTAH is the UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery, offering an extensive array of enchanting perfumes, incredible incenses from original handcrafted blends, the finest fragrant oils, and the richest agarwood.2019 has seen LOOTAH go from strength to strength, as the brandhas continued its expansion across the UAE, with the opening of six new stores, including new locations such as City Centre Fujairah and City Centre Ajman. 2020 will bring further growth across the GCC.

Commenting on LOOTAH’simpressive growth, Mr. Yaser Daadouch, General Manager of LOOTAH, stated, “As we look back on a successful 2019, the LOOTAH team is very proud of our performance in such an increasingly competitive market. LOOTAH Perfumes continue to travel across the UAE and beyond, supported by the government’s inspiring vision and innovative initiatives. We are extremely grateful to the UAE government for continuously providing the industry platform, infrastructure, security and tourism required to grow the LOOTAH brand, whileensuring LOOTAH scents captivate an even wider audience.”

He added, “2020 is set to be another exciting year for LOOTAH, as we prepare to follow in the footsteps of the government and capitalise on global trends by launching an all-new, state-of-the-art online store and e-commerce platform. These important technological steps will enable LOOTAH to expand further across the region and beyond, to captivate the imaginations of more and more people.”

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