The Ultimate Little Black Dress Workout

UAE, 22nd December 2019: With the festive season in full swing, getting into shape to fit into the staple little black dress has become a top priority for many women.

Ana Monteiro, Fitness First Master Trainer has been training female clients at Fitness First for almost four years and over this time, she has found herself somewhat of a ‘little black dress workout expert’, inundated with clients asking for body transformations ahead of the festive season as well as other special occassions. As a fan of the little black dress herself, she is perfectly placed to ensure you look both fit and healthy for any celebration.

From sleeveless to halter and short to bodycon, the list of styles is endless. Ana Monteirosays: ‘It’s important to think about your body and how you want to look in a dress, so consider seeing a fitness professional. They will carry out a body mass and measurement assessment and from there you can set realistic and achievable goals.’

Ana Monteirofavours superset workouts where you combine areas of the body, increasing toning and raising the heart rate- all of which helps with everyone’s end goal, fat burn. Upper body and abs go hand in hand, as do legs and glutes, meaning if you follow these pairings you won’t be restricted to one style of dress for the festive season.

Corset Style Dress – A firm favourite during the festive season, this dress requires attention to the hip line, especially if you are planning on covering your arms and not showing any specific area. Try focusing on full body workouts, like T.U.F.F classes at Fitness First. T.U.F.F can burn up to 800 calories at a time, and as a class that moves through the three planes of motion, it is an excellent full body workout.

Strapless / Halter neck –For a style that showcases the upper body your desired result will be lean with a toned look. To work on your shoulders, concentrate on back rowing and chest presses, do not worry about bicep curls and only work out your triceps a small amount. Again, look to be doing 4-5 sets of 20 reps. Concentrate on your large muscle groups such as chest, shoulders and back to draw some lines.

Fit n Flare – A figure hugging dress highlighting the commonly problematic area of the stomach. Abs may be a goal out of reach for many, however Ana Monteiroinsists it can be achieved. “I always finish the upper body work out with a session of planks and abdominal crunches. 4-5 sets consisting of a minute-long plank and 20 abdominal crunches.” In addition, this is often followed by 20 minutes of interval cardiovascular training to get that all over work out.

Pro Tip: An invigorating way to tackle abs is Pilates – a form of low-impact exercise aimed at strengthening muscles, mostly targeting the core. Consider trying Pilates classes at Fitness First which are designed to help you look and feel your best

Short Dresses – If you are someone that prefers the shorter cut dress, you can give your legs an unforgettable appearance with exercises that tone the quads and calf muscles. Toning is all about body composition – less body fat and more muscle. To get stunning toned legstry exercises like jumping squats, squat presses, lunges, leg raises, deadlifts and bench presses. These will help mobilize your muscles and burn those extra unwanted calories.

Pro Tip:Skipping is a great exercise for the shorter styled dress. Not only does it tone your legs, but it also serves as cardio workout too. A short 10-15 minutes of skipping on a daily basis will do wonders for both your legs and overall fitness.

Alongside these dress-specific workouts, Ana Monteirois passionate about ensuring nutrition is complementing your workouts as it is not enough to just exercise. “If you crash diet with high energy expenditure you could collapse, and your body will start to store fat and lose muscle. You need great nutritional advice and to drink lots of water to slow down inflammation.”