Rasoi by Vineet, Michelin Starred Chef, Vineet Bhatia, Introduces his latest culinary concept to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (09 January, 2020): The first Indian chef to earn a Michelin star, Vineet Bhatia, has swung open the doors of his renowned restaurant, Rasoi, at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. The restaurant joins a string of the acclaimed chef’s eateries, which span from London and Geneva to Mumbai and Mauritius.

One of the world’s most exciting, creative and passionate chefs, Vineet’s progressive approach to Indian food offers an excitingly unexpected take on beloved favourites. Guests of Rasoi will enjoy a gastronomic adventure into the world of contemporary Indian cuisine, which Vineet has pioneered for the last three decades.

Combining exotic flavours from across his homeland of India, the menu unfolds like a culinary expedition. Traditional recipes are reimagined with modern culinary concepts and surprising ingredients – all presented with a uniquely contemporary vision. Putting Vineet’s expert techniques centre stage, each dish is carefully constructed yet deliciously daring, traditional but refreshing.

Rasoi’s menu is a testament to Vineet’s far-reaching experience and inspiration, an understated fusion of originality and complexity. Two of Vineet’s most famous dishes grace the menu – the buttery tandoori-smoked salmon is served with a refreshing cucumber raita and the beloved chocomosa, a chocolate stuffed samosa, is paired with caramelised nuts and chocolate mousse crowned with saffron-infused jalebi. Elsewhere, juicy prawns arrive in a sophisticated sauce with hints of lemongrass, coconut and kaffir lime, and red chillies bringing a touch of warmth. An explosion of flavour, the smoky spare ribs sing with notes of tamarind.

The restaurant’s setting is as carefully crafted as its dishes. Complimenting the imaginative cuisine, the backdrop offers a laid-back interpretation of contemporary Indian style. Vibrant blue accent walls meet subtly decorative murals, while a monochrome tiled floor is topped with

plush velvet seats, in pops of powder pink, burnt orange and cerulean blue. Overhead, ultra-modern chandeliers double as objets d’art.

For those indulgent afternoons when one can catch up with friends, Rasoi by Vineet offers a variety of Indian inspired snacks and traditional ‘chai’ or teas from Himalayas and tea estates of India.