Embrace Redefined Indian Flavors in the Capital at Khazana – Grain of Salt

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (14 January, 2020):  Experience and relish in an extensive range of revamped Indian palates manifesting an exquisite touch of culinary excellence at the newly opened Khazana-Grain of Salt nestled on the 3rd floor at the opposite side of Novo Cinemas at The Mall, World Trade Center in the heart of Abu Dhabi city.

The upscale restaurant flaunts in a contemporary execution of the traditional Indian dining experience that uses intricately selected ingredients, finest herbs, and spices, chef-inspired cuisines, perfected with the utilization of the most exquisite methods of cooking preparation.

Situated in one of the iconic landmarks in the Capital, the new Indian restaurant offers a diverse set of menus including delectable vegetarian, non-vegetarian dishes, toothsome desserts, and master chef signature creations, all curated in a modern procedure.

Globally acclaimed Sanjeev Kapoor said, “All my restaurants have a commitment to maintaining the loftiest standards in hospitality and cuisine. Your dining pleasure is my top priority and I shall strive to give you that. Every time you eat here.”