Biolog-id LLC Partners with LifeServe Blood Center to Implement Cutting-Edge Blood Product Inventory Management Ecosystem

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire), Biolog-id LLC, a world leader in connected solutions for blood and other high value health products, announced today that LiveServe Blood Center, the leading provider of blood products in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, will implement Biolog-id’s cutting-edge technology solution in its blood supply chain. The technology solution provides real-time visibility into blood product location and movement, providing actionable data to streamline inventory and improve efficiencies to maximize return on donation. Patients, donors, and staff across LifeServe’s enterprise will benefit from the actionable insights provided by a digitally visible supply chain.

“LifeServe Blood Center is the perfect partner for Biolog-id. They embrace change and innovation. They are constantly seeking new ways to deploy technology to reduce costs, improve quality, and impact patient outcomes,” said Patrick Conway, Director of Sales Biolog-id LLC. “Biolog-id’s unique solution combines hardware, software, consumables and data analytics is a great platform to help deliver those desired results.”

“Our partnership with Biolog-id LLC builds on our heritage of continuously innovating and improving to address the changing needs of patients, hospitals, and donors to ensure the sustainability of our blood supply,” said Stacy Sime, CEO of Lifeserve Blood Center.“ By providing us rich, real-time insights about our blood inventory, the technology ecosystem we are deploying has the opportunity to provide our organization, our hospitals and the patients who receive life-saving blood, multiple channels of value.”

“There is a crucial need to evolve processes in healthcare to achieve higher levels of efficiency and scale, yielding positive results across the healthcare industry,” said Troy L. Hilsenroth, CEO Biolog-id LLC. “Our goal is to facilitate this evolution in an effort to provide everyone with effective, reliable products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and have adaptability for future uses.”

Enabling a new standard of care of how high value products in healthcare are distributed, stored, utilized, and tracked are center to Biolog-id LLC’s vison.

*Source: AETOSWirea