The St. Regis Abu Dhabi A Passion for Development and Recognition

An integral part contributing to the continued success of The St. Regis Abu Dhabi is the Human Resources Department (HR) and their efforts to develop and promote their associates within the hotel. This has been the main focus area and objective since the hotel’s opening in 2013 and has been very well imbedded into the hotel’s working culture.

The way to move forward and succeed in this mission was through a number of different programs and activities implemented. First and foremost the hotel offers easily accessible online trainings provided by Marriott International that cover a multitude of hospitality topics and aids in the development and cultivation of forward-thinking experiences for guests. To further connect with associates in person, the trainings are enhanced with motivational classroom sessions lead by passionate trainers to guide and assist them along their path. Another example of contributing in the internal development and promotion of the associates at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi is the Cross Training. This program was established to inspire associates to purse alternative positions that may be better suited for their skills, while remaining within the hotel. Cross training also allows associates to experience the daily duties of another department and determine whether the change to a new direction and function will be in alignment with their personal career goals.

As a result of this strategy the hotel has successfully maintained an estimated 16-18% of promotions year on year, coming from within the hotel. It worth to mention that in 2018, 71 associates were promoted, while in 2019 this number was not only been met but also exceeded to 76 promotions. These promotions were conducted across 27 unique departments, highlighting 20 different nationalities, and fairly representing both genders. As a further result of creating a platform for internal career growth, the hotel has recorded a 28% drop year on year of their associates’ turnover.

Richard Thackrey, Director of Human Resources stated “It is a strategy that we believe works and gives us our competitive edge in terms of retaining, growing and developing our best talent to in turn provide the best service and market leader position.”

There is no question that the HR department is the driving force behind recognizing their associates for their loyalty, providing them with the appropriate support to develop their skills and acknowledging them for securing a high level of service while remaining true to The St. Regis legacy of service beyond expectation.