Carpet & Art Oasis 2020 features history and gold in its 25th edition Dh6.5m carpet on exhibit dates back to 17th century

Dubai – 23 Jan 2020: The 25th edition of the Carpet & Art Oasis 2020 features a collection of unique and historic handcrafted carpets and rugs including pieces that date back to the 17th century. These included a Dh6.5m carpet which goes back to Nomad civilization. The exhibition also features a gold-woven carpet that took 6 years to complete.

“This Dh6.5m carpet is the most precious and unique piece in my collection which reflects the history and life of Nomad civilization,” Dr Afchin Kanbari, vice president of Al Turath Carpet Company said. “It has a great historic value being more than 300 years old, and 30m in size which gave the artists back then room to depict many features of Nomad life and their wars. It’s like weaving civilization into a carpet. We also have exhibited our gold-woven carpet which has 4 kilos of gold and market value of Dh1.8m. The 24m carpet took 4 artists 6 years to complete.”

Engineer Sharif Hamouda, CEO of Style Sprite Trade Company has participated in the last 3 editions of the exhibition. He is now taking part with a number of unique pieces including a carpet that dates back to 1850 when the Qajar dynasty ruled.

The first week of the exhibition saw the organization of a number of events including awareness shops that targeted children to train them on carpeting work.

Farida Fadhil, head of Carpet and Art Oasis organising committee said:

“The Carpet & Art Oasis has made noticeable success over the last 24 consecutive years since its launch for the first time in 1996. The exhibition, a key event of the Dubai Shopping Festival, is among a few exhibitions in the world to focus on handcrafted silk and wool carpets. It is a good source of attractive to foreign investments in this sector. This year we have more historic and unique pieces on exhibit including a world map carpet which features many designs such as a depiction of the carpet Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the most famous and the biggest carpet in the world that covers an area of5,700m.”

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