Pari Sagar Artist, Numerologist and Intuitive Reader

Pari Sagar is a well-known surreal artist born in Mumbai, India. She did her schooling from the Young Ladies High School in Mumbai, India. During her childhood, her father and paternal grandfather were a constant source of motivation and encouraged her to pursue an interest in art and maths. After high school, she enrolled in the KPB Hinduja college in Mumbai to earn a bachelor’s degree in commerce. However, she could not complete the three-year course as she got married after completing her second year and moved to Dubai, UAE.

Sagar worked in the advertising field for a few years but her life experience led her to express herself through art. Her journey of self-healing began in the year 2000. She believes that true art is characterised by an irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression. She attempts to create a mirror of one’s inner self, to touch the side of one’s personality that is rarely shown in public. Each one of her paintings has a story to tell that is easy to comprehend. Her art reflects vibrant emotions such as love, romance, peace and tranquility with a touch of spirituality. Sagar enjoys working with different mediums such as oil, acrylic and mixed media and likes experimenting with colours, figures and patterns. Her style unintentionally veers towards figurative surrealism. She has participated in various exhibitions and showcased her art on various platforms, and sold many art pieces in Dubai, Mumbai, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States.

In 2004, her father died. While she was still dealing with his loss, she faced several other traumatic experiences in her personal life which gave her a tough reality check. Her spiritual teacher guided her to look within for answers through art and numbers. This drove her to intuitive art and led to the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

In 2018, Sagar presented a solo show titled Faith, Hope and Love featuring a whole new series of paintings. The textures, lines, and forms were designed to convey a message of being in touch with nature and to believe in the power of love. Each piece of art had its own history, a story that was created by reflecting on her emotions through colours, rhythm and space. Her process of layering and texturing gives her works a unique effect and yet allows her work to remain surreal.

Her interest and passion influenced her to study numerology and healing. Owing to her intuitive nature, she became a visionary. Numerology has helped her in reflecting certain aptitudes and character tendencies in her life, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. It has helped her and her clients in improving the vibration of numbers used in one’s name, auspicious dates, addresses, business names, inauguration dates and more.

The positive results obtained by using numerology have proven to be a valuable tool to bring about certain changes in one’s life. On the basis of her experience, she has guided her students and clients in Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi, Africa, UK, Poland, and the US who came from different walks of life. She has helped many of them recognize their hidden gifts.

She believes that she can help others by sharing her knowledge of self-healing through art and numerology. The human body is made up of three components: mind, body and soul corresponding to our three needs – knowledge, health and inner peace. Health is a physical aspect, knowledge is psychological while inner peace is spiritual. When all three are present, then there is harmony in one’s life.

Healing has helped her become calmer and made her listen to the vibration within her space and observe the changes occurring around her. Being clairvoyant has helped her find a deeper purpose in life and helped her clients discover their own journey.

Sagar lives in Dubai, UAE, with her husband and their two children.

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