Dairy has the nutritional credentials to meet snacking boom driven by a health &wellness revolution

NZMP, Fonterra’s global ingredients and solutions business, is set to targetthe Middle East & Africa (MEA) region’s rapidly growing snacking categorywith a multi-product showcase at Gulfood 2020. The aim is to provide food & beverage manufacturers with the ingredients and insights required to meet this consumer need, asMintel data shows that the number of snacking products in the MEA has doubled over the past five years since 2014[i].

The growth in the snacking segment is driven by the increasing popularity of healthy snacking options across the MEA region where the total retail value of the snacking sector is expected to reach US$58.6M by 2024.

NZMP’s dairy ingredients have a key role to play in delivering nutritious snacking options for people at all life stages with their well-established health credentials, quality standards and broad range.

“Whilst the number of snacking products launched in the MEA has doubled over the past five years, dairy snack offerings have quadrupled in the same time period.” says Simon Penfold, Fonterra’s Sales Director for the Middle East. “This shows stronger participation among dairy companies in the snacking category”

The value of health and wellness products is rising rapidly across the MEAregionwith a 12% compound annual growth rate forecastbetween 2019 and 2024[ii]as people look to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Penfold elaborates; “We’ve seen the health and wellness trend build across the region over the past few years.With 61 percent of global consumers enjoying snacking between meals[iii], they are increasingly expecting a range of healthy options. Dairy-based snacks, which are naturally high in quality protein, are best placed to take the lead in the healthy snacking category. Whether it’s proteins in snack foods, yoghurts or beverages, dairy is one of the highest quality ingredients for consumers and manufacturers alike.”

NZMP is committed to partnering with food and beverage companies across the region to develop targeted formulations that deliver products that consumers want. The rising consumer demand for natural,quality nutrition means food and beverage manufacturers in the Middle East and Africahavea great opportunity to adapt their products to meet the region’sgrowing health consciousness – and utilise NZMP’s world-leading dairy expertise to do so,” added Penfold.

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