Siemens to modernize full drilling-drives package and cooling system on jack up rig for Arabian Drilling Company

Siemens was awarded a contractby Arabian Drilling Company to modernize a complete and integrated drilling-drives lineup, including auxiliaries and controls, that will be installed on an offshore jackup drilling rig for a customer in the Middle East.In addition to new features and benefits, the upgrade will also enable the customer to meet the latest safety standards. Delivery of the new system is planned for the early part of 2021.

The contract includes engineering, design, manufacturing, and delivery of the fully integratedmodernization based on Siemens’BlueDrive™ technology.The Siemens solution, known as Master2Blue, will use the footprint, cable network, and communication principles of the existing system, enabling quick, modular-style installation, commissioning, and startup.Thesystem is a DC power grid that includes power electronics, controls, and cooling of 10 integratedvariable speed drives.

The BlueDrivesystem, developed and refined over the years to meet the offshore industry’s demanding requirements, is ideal for energy distribution in propulsion and drilling systems. The BlueDrive system is an efficient, environmentally friendlymulti-drive solution that provideshigh levels of reliability, availability, and ease of service, with low emissions and an option for remote support.

Other modernization solutions are also available that include Siemens’ fully integrated, state-of-the-art energy storage systems.

“As the reactivations of stacked and un-utilized drilling rigsare increasing, Siemens stands fully ready to modernize offshore rigs and shipsto make them safer and more energy efficient,” said Thomas Steenberg, Siemens Offshore Solutions, Business Development Director. “By using the latest drilling and propulsion drives technology, customers can assure their rigs and ships remain at the highest level of supportability for many years to come.”

In addition to BlueDrive and Master2Blue solutions, Siemens Offshore Solutions provides customers with reliable, safe and environmentally friendly answers to their electrification, automation, and digitalization needs.