France Pavilion On-Track for September Completion

Dubai, UAE, 03 March2020–With Expo 2020 Dubai around the corner, organizers of the upcoming World Expo welcomed Erik Linquier, General Commissioner; Philippe Mille, Pavilion Director; and Architects Bernard Mauplot from Atelier du Prado and Jacob Celnikier from Celnikier & Grabli to the French Pavilion’s construction site in Dubai. It was revealed that the Pavilion, located in the Mobility District, is rapidly shaping up, and is on-track for a September 2020 handover.

“With the support of our talented team that have been working non-stop, as well as the immense support we have received from the team at Expo, we anticipate construction to conclude by June 2020, with a complete handover shortly before the launch. The concept of the pavilion will bring to the forefront the interactivity and participation of all, which is an integral part of our public journey designed to interact with all types of visitors”, said Philippe Mille -Pavilion Director

Structural works have been completed for the Pavilion with the blockworks nearing completion and MEP work currently on-going at the site. Sharing additional updates, the representatives stated that the Pavilion will start assembly of photovoltaic tiles at the end of March, followed by installations of LED panels mid-April. Scenography, which is a key differentiating element of the pavilion, will startset-up at the end of June, and assembly of shops and restaurants will commence end-July.

“We are excited to witness the progress that is under way in full swing on French Pavilion. The structure will represent a specific tool, an incomparable showcase for the know-how and innovations of French companies. The Pavilion will promote the French innovation model, which makes it possible to conciliate sustainable development and international business competitiveness for connected and sustainable cities and territories, serving the citizen and the common good”, said Erik Linquier, General Commissioner of the French Pavilion and President of the Compagnie Française des Expositions (COFREX), a company created by the State and in charge since January 2018 of organising French participation in Universal and International Exhibitions.

The French Pavilion will be both a symbol of France’s participation in this world event an emblem of the promotion of French innovation and an experiential space for all visitors.

The design of the pavilion is based on the 3 pillars of bio-climatism: controlling solar gains, providing a highly insulating waterproof envelope, and limiting the use of fossil fuels as much as possible.

Designed by the Atelier du Prado Architectes and Celnikier & Grabli, the French Pavilion has the light as one of the key inspirations. It was thought as an oasis from which a true canopy of light literally emerges. The Pavilion will express, through its name “Light, Enlightenments”, France’s singular and innovative vision in terms of ecological and inclusive transition, combining a strong architectural gesture with an innovative immersive scenography.A strong reference to the nation’s humanist commitment, the light also embodies movement through 3 dimensions: The light of philosophy, a tool that illuminates and reveals, spreads ideas and innovation; the material light, source of creativity; and the connection light, which connects, transports, transmits the data.

The Pavilion will have a 2,700sqm external façade covered with photovoltaic panels. On its inside, the French Pavilion unveils a 5,100sqm BUA façade set between a low volume dedicated to the general public and a high volume dedicated to professional meetings, a 1,160sqm French-style garden structured in four squares, a 40m terrace, as well as a canopy hanging at an altitude of 15m and drawing a sky of 1,500sqm.It is this façade and canopy that form an artificial screen and sky, which become dematerialized day and night in an invitation and a prelude to the “Light, Enlightenments” journey that the Pavilion unfolds within it.

Earlier this year, the French Pavilion announced their ambassadors Jessica Préalpato, an award-winning pastry chef, and Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut with the ESA. These representatives embody the country’s vision for Expo 2020 Dubai, and their involvement with the project and the contribution of their expertise will enable France to shine on the international stage.

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