Learn French from Home through Interactive Online Courses

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, March 19, 2020: Alliance Française Abu Dhabi provides an additional service to learn French for learners! From March 25th, the language center will start an intensive session with teachers conducting interactive video classes on BlueJeans, a Distance Learning Platform which can be downloaded from the App Store or accessed via its website www.bluejeans.com.

The President of Alliance Française Abu Dhabi Sultan Al-Hajji said the transition will be made so the centre is able to best respond to changing circumstances. He stated, “It is prudent for us to put in place plans to deliver far more of our education in an online environment. Over the next week, we will progressively transition from in-person student attendance at classes in lecture format, to online forms of delivery on BlueJeans.”

The user-friendly BlueJeans platform offers students the flexibility to connect from anywhere, using a phone, tablet or computer connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G internet. Simply enter the class by clicking a link, entering your name, in addition to a meeting code, which will all be sent to you previously via email. For added convenience, you will be able to view and hear your teacher and classmates in real-time, while also being able to send and receive files, videos and links simultaneously.

Al-Hajji added, “Our new format will include the provision of online course content, live and recorded streaming of lectures, and interactive video sessions, that will not compromise on the quality of interaction between students and teacher. Classes will strictly begin as scheduled, and students are advised to be on time as attendance will be accounted”.

The intensive sessions are designed for adults only and will begin with three classes per week, starting 25 March 2020, now available at a 15% discount.

For more information or to register, please call 02 612 2999/900 or email [email protected].

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