Comfort or support? What to look for in a mattress for a great night’s sleep

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It couldn’t be more true that buying a new mattress is one of the most important purchases we will make in our life. After all, sleeping takes up a third of our lives and the overall quality of our slumber is thus of utmost importance to our health and well-being. But while many people often focus solely on finding the right mattress in terms of comfort, it seems to be that mattress support is just as important, and that both should go hand-in-hand to achieve a truly restful sleep.

Sleep expert Dominik Zunkovic, who is also the Founder of WHISPER, UAE’s first mattress-in-a-box concept, said, “Buying a new mattress can be a tedious task but if you don’t put enough effort into finding the best one that suits your needs, then that two-thirds of your life awake will inevitably be affected. We all know the powerful links between sleep loss and a wide variety of health problems such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and poor mental health, to name a few. Large scale studies show that poor sleep translates to lower quality of life.”

Dominik revealed that one of the biggest lapses mattress shoppers make is mistaking comfort for support, or vice versa. It is an important point to highlight that, when it comes to mattresses, these two terms are not interchangeable.

Comfortis the level of firmness or softness a mattress offers. The mattress feel and firmness/softness depend on the upholstery and material layers above the foundation or bed frame. In case of an all-foam make up, the kinds of foams used and how they combine together will decide the level of comfort a mattress provides. The comfort level of a mattress is highly subjective, meaning what may feel truly comfortable for you can be different to someone else as body type, weight and other factors play into the firmness/softness of the mattress,” Dominik explained.

Support, on the other hand, refers to the inner structure of a mattress and its ability to resist the downward pressure applied to it by the weight of your body. A mattress that provides the right level of support is able to maintain a sleeper’sspine in natural alignment while embracing the natural contours of the body. A good mattress should provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support to achieve a good sleeping posture so that you wake up without sores and pains,” he continued.

Dominik was quick to caution that understanding the misconception about comfort and support is not enough to tell which mattress is the right one for you. In addition to knowing the key considerations to look for when mattress shopping, being able to substantially test it out is also critical.

“We always recommend purchasing a new mattress with a sleep trial so that you can try it in the comfort of your home for a good amount of time. At WHISPER, our customers get a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. By simply allowing them to check that the performance, comfort and support of our mattresses suit their needs, we are able to help them sleep better at the same time deliver greater value to them,” Dominik said.

WHISPER, committed to using only the perfect mix of modern technology and high-quality materials for its products, have developed its mattresses and pillow to offer optimal support to the body during sleep, keeping your spine aligned and letting you wake up with less pains and aches. Made with its proprietary open-cell Quantum foam, the WHISPER mattresses and pillowscradle the sleeper, adapting to the shape of his body to provide pressure point relief and complete contouring comfort. Unlike memory foam, Quantum foam is breathable, which means that it allows heat and sweat to dissipate, ensuring a cozy comfortable sleep throughout the night. WHISPER also uses thermoregulating fabric, which helps the sleeper cool down when it’s hot or warms him when it’s cold.

With innovation at its core, WHISPER also created its mattresses and pillows to be customizable so that they provide a comfort level that adjusts to each sleeper – a big plus especially for partners who prefer different firmness levels, Dominik said. The DNA core of the WHISPER mattress is composed of two different foams, one soft and one firm, which can be flipped to adjust to the user’s individual comfort setting. The WHISPER pillows can also be adjusted in height to suit a sleeper’s personalized best fit.

Finally, there’s the super soft high-tech thermoregulating fabric cover. Super soft to the touch and woven with real silver yarn, the top cover of the WHISPER mattress allows your body to get rid of excess heat and sweat while the silver yarn prevents the build-up of bacteria, dust mites, and unpleasant odours. Removable and washable, the fabric is made to be flexible to conform to your body while remaining extremely durable to be enjoyed for many years.The WHISPER Original Mattress, meanwhile, comes with the Silver Shield Technology, which ensures sleep disturbances brought about by electromagnetic (EMF) waves are kept at bay.

The WHISPER mattress also comes with a 12-year warranty while the pillows have a seven-year warranty.

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