Max Fashion: new Ramadan collections make style and comfort the priority at a time of reflection

Ramadan is just around the corner and at a more challenging time the need for reflection requires comfortable but appealing indoor clothing. The new Max Fashion collections set to launch in April are suitable for staying at home, while ensuring there is no need to compromise in style.

Max Fashion is embracing the principles of Ramadan by celebrating family and community at home with a focus on trends that offer great value and availability online. Brand new collections Ramadan Ready, Dusk to Dawn and Spice n Nice ensure that the festive period can be celebrated with flair in their on-trend garments that encompass warmth, positivity and tradition.

Bring in some light to staying at home with the Ramadan Ready collection, where sunshine yellows and golds take over this children’s wear collection. Think vibrant butterfly print dresses and florals for the girls and bright lemon shirts for the boys. Tweed patterned waistcoats, trousers and shorts with white blue and grey accents on shirts and tees mean that young boys can still look smart while hanging out at home. The Ramadan Ready accessories and shoes for young girls draw the eye with gold straps and butterfly brooches, and memorably a gold crown to remind the family who is queen of the house.

For most women, Ramadan fashion is about modesty, femininity and style. Max Fashion’s Dusk to Dawn collection features striking floral patterns that exude femininity with flowing trousers and draped chiffon tops. Think bows and frills, this modest and sophisticated collection is full of feature prints that strike the perfect balance between chic and stylish with a mature colour palette. Loose fitting but elegant free-flowing materials mean all items from the Dusk to Dawn collection are comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

Cast the mind back to a more simple time in Middle Eastern history where patterned tapestry rugs and fabrics along with gold were big sellers in bustling souks that embellished the city.  Max Fashion’s Spice n Nice range set to launch ahead of Ramadan presents floral and Arab heritage prints, brought to life by a brown and gold colour palette that is underpinned with ruby red and mustards. The collection boasts eye-catching jewelry and accessories with decorative tassels making a regular feature, with a mix of both traditional and on-trend boho buckles and statement fabric earrings.

The Ramadan collections at Max Fashion offer a contemporary take on a timeless aesthetic for the modern generation, with a versatile range of dresses, tops and trousers. The outfits have been designed with Middle Eastern customers in mind to offer contemporary style and a flattering fit.