Max Fashion: 8 bargain wardrobe stay-home essentials every man must own

Whether you’re clearing out your entire wardrobe or just filling in the gaps, putting together some comfy stay-home outfits need not take a lot thought and time. By making sure the essential pieces are there, personal flair can then be built later.

Even for a guy with a natural fashion sense, it is not always easy to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Style experts at Max Fashion have compiled an essentials clothing list to nail the must-haves, so that staying home until further notice can be done with flair.

  1. A basic t-shirt: whether you are out in the garden or lounging around indoors, comfort matters most. Take a basic t-shirt from standard to outfit ‘goals’ with a graphic print t-shirt starting at AED22 or a textured polo t-shirt starting at AED27 at Max Fashion.
  2. A denim shirt: a denim shirt is going to last just as long and work with just as many pieces in the closet as a go-to white tee, only the older it gets the cooler it will look. Check out a denim shirt with buttoned flap pockets for just AED49 for that suave and effortless ‘I woke up like this’ look.
  3. A smart shirt: a collared shirt in print or a strong solid color will liven up any pair of pants in the closet, and is perfect for those conference calls. Prints are as easy to wear as the colour white as they add depth and dimension to an outfit. Max Fashion’s smart shirts start at a bargain AED45.
  4. The go-to trouser: a plain black trouser doesn’t only go with some of the collared shirts in the closet—it goes with all of them. Take the work-from-home routine up a notch with Max Fashion’s solid formal trousers starting at AED45 or chinos starting at AED49.
  5. An around-the-clock trouser: in 2020 your trousers don’t have to fit like the shapeless sacks most people get too comfortable wearing; they should fit like your favorite pair of jeans. Have a look at Max Fashion’s jog pants starting at AED49 available in a range of colors.
  6. Hardworking jeans: the most reliable of all pants. A quality pair of jeans serves as a neutral palette that you can take in many different directions. Great jeans are low maintenance and one of the most important utility garments of clothing any guy can own and at Max Fashion they start at only AED49.
  7. Socks that get you noticed: there’s no reason not to make ankles a highlight of any outfit, whether inside the home or outdoors. The best way to do that is with a pair of striped cotton socks – a set of five starts at just AED25 at Max Fashion.
  8. Goes-with-everything sandals: a wallet-friendly sandal, starting at just AED29 at Max Fashion is the epitome of casual style and a snapping up a new pair seems only appropriate with summer fast approaching.

Mix and match these items to your heart’s content and throw in a few style swerves here and there to look on point in 2020 and beyond.