Ramadan brings with it plenty of occasions to spend more time with near and dear ones. House of Garrard, the longest serving jeweller in the world, has a wide array of glamorous jewellery pieces and inspirational designs that can make any woman look elegant for such an auspicious occasion.

Below are Garrard’s jewellery highlights for this special occasion:

Muse Collection:

Muse takes its inspiration from Queen Alexandra, one of Garrard’s most dazzling royal patrons. At her marriage and on important celebrations she was gifted amethyst-studded jewels by her brother-in-law, Tsar Alexander III of Russia. Within the ‘Muse’ collection are ‘Filigree’ and ‘Starlight,’ both of which respectively focus on a famous motif which Queen Alexandra wore – ‘Starlight’ referring to the diamonds stars that adorned the bodice of her gowns and ‘Filigree’ paying tribute to delicate metalwork style of her nineteenth century tiara. The Muse collection offers styles that can be combined to express all the different versions of what a modern woman wants to be.

Fanfare Collection:

The Fanfare collection looks back to Garrard’s earliest years, when London’s theatre district was its home and opera masquerades were the height of fashion.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the fans that the ladies carried. It made them perfect both to hide behind, and to attract attention, and it was this combination of mystery and drama that provided the startingpoint for Fanfare. This is the first Garrard collection to use calibrated stones that are hand cut to the shape of the mount. The Cascade earrings and necklace feature mother-of-pearl inlays which represent the delicate fan design, whilst diamonds sparkle in Garrard’s iconic Windsor and Sovereignmotifs.

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