Dubai-based Trade Commissioner of Chile outlines how Chilean companies are supporting fight against COVID-19

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21st April 2020: Chilean companies are rallying together to provide a range of vital health and wellbeing supplies and technologies to countries around the world as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The Chilean Salmon industry, fashion designer Luz Briceno, tech-provider Zyght HSE Technology, Copper 3D, and AHB Games are working to provide a range of services and supplies, including increasing COVID-19 testing, supplying reusable and antimicrobial masks, sharing technological platforms for businesses across the globe and creating digital entertainment to help families maintain a positive wellbeing in the current climate.

Carlos Salas, Trade Commissioner of Chile in Dubai, said: “Chile has a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution in supporting the fight against COVID-19 by supplying the UAE, and indeed countries around the globe, with essential supplies and technologies during these uncertain times.”

Chilean fashion designer Luz Briceño and her two partners are using their custom-made fabric, which incorporates copper nanoparticles, to produce essential medical supplies including a reusable and antimicrobial mask to help those battling the pandemic on the frontline.

The safety devices, which can be washed multiple times without losing anti-viral properties, were created using raw material following extensive clinical tests. The masks resemble the bill of a duck, allowing the mouth and nose to avoid contact with the fabric, providing users with increased protection and freedom of movement.

To date, Briceño has received calls for her products from all over the world, with Dubai alone, placing a large order for all the Copper Company’s textiles including hospital bedsheets and masks.

Similarly, the 3D printing community in UAE and Oman is using the Chilean product Copper3D, an antimicrobial filament, to help provide the necessary tools and parts that are in short supply to the medical industry, when and where they’re needed.

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