The three dominating words of Spring Summer 2020 style are pastel, airy and light, but how do they translate to menswear? With the perfect colour palette, most luxurious fabrics, impeccable tailoring and an outstanding eye for detail, the team at Kachins has created suits that truly embody the essence of the Spring Summer season.

In collaboration with renowned UAE based blogger Rashwan, the Kachins team designed three suits that would appropriately reflect the light mood of the spring season while maintaining that sense of adventure and elegance. A hard act to balance, given the typically contrasting nature of these features, Kachins has managed to achieve that perfect blend, resulting in dramatic and sleek looks.

For their first look, they chose a colour that reflects the lightness of the spring summer season, especially for Dubai. There is a coolness in that classic pastel shade which makes it fresh as compared to other basic similar coloured hues. The freshness is further accentuated with the crisp white shirt. The addition of a polka dotted handkerchief and white sneakers modernizes the entire look by adding a playful pop of adventure.

The next suit is the perfect example of how bold details can transform any outfit. The sharp juxtaposition between the patterned jacket and the brown trousers makes the suit infinitely more dynamic than a typical murky brown suit, further enhanced by the contrast between the pale and dark colours. The solid border is a modern approach to the classic jacket and the addition of the wide lapels make it a truly unique suit.

Perhaps the most dramatic suit of the three is the last one; the monochrome look. Sometimes there is no need for any fancy gimmicks; good fabric choice and excellent tailoring are all that is needed to create a dynamic look. A playful approach to the cliched color blocking technique, the contrast between the checkered pattered and the dark grey color creates powerful imagery. This suit is perfect for the modern man who commands everyone’s attention when he enters the room.

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