Arabic YouTube series, AYA, collaborates with Virgin Megastore in its latest episode

AYA’s latest episode will feature the hosts creating
a logo celebrating their favourite Comic Con character

28 June 2020, Dubai – The pioneering Arabic Youtube series, AYA, created for  Gen-Z by an all female fashion squad is collaborating with Virgin Megastore in its next episode. The episode, scheduled to air on July 1, will be titled `Comic Con Super Fan Challenge’, dedicated to Middle East Film & Comic Con, that took place from March 2 to 5 this year.

The Middle East Film and Comic Con is a pop culture convention held annually in Dubai, debuted in 2012. The event is a buzzing mix of creative talent, celebrities and influencers and pop culture characters from around the region and world.

Virgin Megastore, a one-stop hub for entertainment, is revered by millennials and Gen-Z consumers in the UAE. It is also home to Comic Con merchandise.

In its next episode, AYA’s hosts will be challenged to create personalised logos celebrating their favourite Comic Con character relevant to their style and create a character portraying them as their own superheroes. The challenge will be judged by Paris, one of UAE’s celebrated fashion influencers and a big participant in the Middle East Film & Comic Con event.

“We are excited about the latest collaboration with Middle East Film & Comic Con, it is a thrill to be linked to stellar brands in the region. It just confirms that we are on the right track with AYA. Virgin Megastore is a lifestyle and entertainment hub for the youth and so is AYA.” Says Andrew Maskall, founder of AYA Media LLC.

The first episode of AYA was aired on YouTube in January, and has been enjoying a loyal following ever since. Combining two enticing factors, TV and influencers, the show has already built a community of ecstatic viewers. Each episode is 20 minutes long, during which the audience watches the hosts taking up exciting challenges. The presenters are guided by a guest UAE-based influencer that also happens to be an expert on the episode’s challenge. New episodes of AYA are released on YouTube every Wednesday at 4:00 pm UAE time.

Marwa || UAE || Presenter on AYA!

Marwa, one of four new presenters, studies international relations at the University of Sharjah. When she isn’t in the classroom or filming for AYA, she’s a professional endurance horse racer and part-time actor and model.

Attracted by the groundbreaking nature of the show, Marwa is most excited about AYA’s novelty and its creative fashion challenges. Rarely relying on external inspiration, Marwa boasts an innate understanding of style.

With lofty dreams in the fashion scene, Marwa hopes to become recognized for her distinct style and for AYA to reach new heights. She hopes to inspire positivity and be a relatable role model to its Gen-Z viewers

Haya Al Yassin, a Syrian journalism student at the American University of Sharjah. Haya hopes to empower her female audience to dream outside the lines, while also hoping to entertain them.

Assia Mezyaine, from Morocco, hails from a mixed professional background of IT engineering and real estate. A confident public speaker, she will be bringing her charismatic charm to the screen with AYA.

Haya || Syria || Presenter on AYA!Drawn by its unconventional nature, Haya is most excited about the fashion challenges AYA gives its presenters. Flaunting a “girly cool” style, every outfit Haya wears has a personal touch, making it memorable.

Treating personal style as a form of self-expression, Haya uses fashion as a language, making an impression before she even says “hello”.

With aspirations of fame, she hopes to become a recognized figure that eventually needs no introduction. With AYA’s growing success in the Gulf, her path to becoming a fashion icon and mega-influencer is paved

Nadine || Egypt || Presenter on AYA!

Nadine, one of the four new presenters, is a sophomore at the American University of Sharjah, where she’s majoring in management. Wearing countless hats, she is also the creative director of a local start up.

A self-professed “creativity machine”, she hopes to bring unique ideas to the screen with AYA. Inspired by powerful and dynamic patterns and colors, Nadine has an admirably bold approach to makeup and fashion.

She hopes to invoke this confidence in AYA’s audience, encouraging them to dress outside the lines, rocking styles that become the new norm.

With aspirations of expanding in the creative field, Nadine also hopes to bring Egypt fame by representing it in international karate tournaments.

Noor || Iraq || Presenter on AYA!A journalism student, Noor strives to be unique and memorable in everything she does. Committed to personal development and growing her influence, AYA is the perfect next step in her ladder to international fame.
A passionate designer and fashionista, she’ll be bringing cutting-edge design techniques and style tips to the screen. Noor is quick to follow her heart, ensuring she always eats dessert before her main course

About AYA : AYA (As You Are) is a YouTube series produced for Gen Z viewers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East. The pioneering YouTube series is the first of its kind in the GCC, and targets the Middle Eastern youth. AYA’s episodes will cover a spectrum of themes, from fashion and beauty to self-improvement and entrepreneurialism.

About Virgin Megastoe:

Virgin Megastore is an international entertainment brand, and the leading lifestyle retail destination in the Middle East & North Africa, with 49 stores in 9 markets. Since its 2001 establishment in the UAE, Virgin Megastore has constantly established and expanded its Middle East presence as well as its product offering to stay ahead of regional growing trends and expectations.

A one-stop shop for all entertainment needs, Virgin Megastore covers multiple product lines & services like music, books, tech, gaming, fashion, toys, and ticketing. The brand has created a whole new experience in product offerings & events by balancing international trends while catering & adapting to local cultures across the region. This is done through continuous evolution in the brand experience and positioning, as well as constant support from the regional ‘it’ scene.

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