ArabClicks highlights performances of some of its leading e-commerce  clients

With COVID-19 closing down global retail centers, online shopping has substantially picked up, recording significant growth in purchases.

Dubai – 29th June 2020: ArabClicks recently provided an insight into performances by some of its leading e-commerce clients, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The e-commerce sector in the GCC region has witnessed an increase in activity, since the outbreak of the Corona virus forced retail centers to shut down. This in turn has led to a rise in volume of sales across a variety of digital platforms.

Mauro Romano, CEO and Co-Founder of ArabClicks, said: “With the outbreak of COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay indoors, several consumers have changed their shopping habits by embracing the concept of online shopping. E-commerce has made it increasingly convenient to gain access to a variety of items at the click of your mouse. As an affiliate marketing network for countries in the GCC, ArabClicks has always believed in providing game changing solutions for the e-commerce marketing industry in the Arab world, with a deep interest in understanding each individual’s need and addressing them.”

“The online shopping platforms for home, beauty and grooming products witnessed a strong growth in men’s and kid’s shopping during March and April, with consumers making purchases across many brands. With retail stores required to shut, some brands used the opportunity to launch their new products online with perfume being one of the top sold categories”.

Romano added: “The online stores for authentic footwear released their shoes online for the very first time in April. On an average customers in the UAE are making purchases worth AED 1,000, in Kuwait AED 1,300 and in KSA an average order is approximately AED 990, on the purchase of couture shoe brands with some items bought online at a price above AED 10,000”.

During the month alone some of these e-commerce platforms recorded more than 50 per cent increase in new customers. More than 60 per cent of the purchased were made from the women’s collection and 20 per cent purchases made from the men’s collection. Consumers were seen spending an average of AED 1,200 using coupons, while approximately AED 1,600 worth purchases were made using discount links. Around 45 per cent of the shoppers surveyed were located in UAE, 40 per cent in KSA and 10 per cent in Kuwait, reportedly depicting the fastest growing market.

To address their makeup, haircare and skincare needs, approximately 70 per cent of female shoppers visited online platforms to make relevant purchases. These platforms witnessed the highest number of value shoppers, showing increasing interest in purchasing apparel and accessories. Most of the shoppers’ purchases were characterized by Arts and Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment news.

These changing shopping behaviors is an indication that the digital economy is on the rise and courtesy its convenience, ease and flexibility might soon be the new norm among shoppers across all age groups.

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