Mobile Tankers Reconciliation Resolved

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (AETOSWire): SMETRON Fuel Control System is now in operations on the fuel bowsers and mobile tankers of Wade Adams Contracting, the largest construction company in the UAE.

Smetron just released FCS2, the second generation of their fuel controllers, which utilizes only one flow meter for both IN and OUT transactions. On reports, the single flow meter has two distinct IDs, appearing as though there are two flow meters installed: one to receive fuel and the other to deliver fuel.

Operators can simply choose “IN” to receive fuel to fill the tanker or “OUT” to deliver fuel and fill the customer’s fleet. FCS2 controls the valves automatically without the need for human intervention.

“FCS2 is a response to our customers’ needs in mobile fuel-distribution sectors, such as construction companies and fuel suppliers where daily reconciliation of tankers is important to their business” Said Arman Taghian, co-founder and CEO of Smetron. “FCS2 reduces the investment on additional flow meters and minimizes human dependency, errors and delays” He added, “Using SMETRON’s cloud-based reporting dashboard, it takes only a few seconds to generate a Reconciliation Report.”

*Source: AETOSWire

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