Fashionista’s dream Walk-in Wardrobes by Tomasella & Zanette

Wardrobes are a necessity for everyone. Now, imagine that you can step into a wardrobe and select your outfit, shoes and accessories just like you would do in a store. Yes, that’s the feeling you will get with the modern walk in wardrobes that Tomasella & Zanette have to offer.

A showroom experience for you to play dress-up within the four walls of your home, is exactly what you will feel in these walk-in wardrobes.

Western Furniture has assorted a few picks from Tomasella & Zanette for you to take a look at these marvellous walk-in wardrobes that will make you fall in love instantly.

Details of Liberty Walk-in Wardrobe:

Every cabinet, shoe rack, drawers, etc have a classy textured wood and other customizable finishes, complemented with metal accessories

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