New Bashaar Al Jawad Remix by Dj Red Ramp Release

You can dance to a new-ish Bashaar Al Jawad song this Summer!

Bashaar Al Jawad, the young charismatic Lebanese artist and the star of the Voice Program, comes back with an energetic beat this summer.

To spread positive vitality after the turmoil that the world went through; Bashar decided to relaunch the song “Saabe Al Rajaa” done for ‘Al Awda” series last Ramadan with a new style, upbeat, dance remix to spread happiness and energy for everyone.

The song was written and composed by Fadi Mardini and now re-released with a remix by DJ Red Ramp; not forgetting a big Thank You to the amazing composer and musician Omar Sabbagh. Bashar’s remix song topped the peaks and has been a great hit so far. The song is now played in many places to spread summer energy into nightclubs, beaches, and many more.

In the coming months, Bashaar will be launching a new dance song written by Fadel Suleiman and composed by Omar Sabbagh, to be released post things pick up in Lebanon and the Region.

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