flydubai uses cutting-edge technology

-Latest RFIDAeroTrack seat cover tracking solution by leading Irish company allows the airline to monitor cleaning cycles of individual seat covers

Dubai, UAE, 09 September 2020: Dubai-based airline flydubai has begun using the latest version of a cutting-edge technology that tracks the cleaning cycles of each seat cover to help maintain the highest standards of in-flight hygiene and safety. The latest RFIDAeroTrack software by Irish company, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD), enhances efficiency by monitoring the cleaning of aircraft seat covers through technologically advanced RFID tags that are attached to individual seat covers to provide a unique identification, enabling the airline to keep track of the seat covers at every stage of the cleaning cycle and life span via RFID handheld scanners and labels.

Seat covers are scanned when removed from the aircraft and any seat cover that has reached its maximum number of cleaning cycles is taken out of service. The remaining covers are scanned again at the time that they are dispatched to the laundry, and tracked and labelled at various stages of cleaning, to keep track of their cleaning cycles and life span.

Commenting on the partnership, Mick Hills, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Maintenance at flydubai said: “we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help us to improve efficiency. RFIDAeroTrack has provided a solution to help manage the cleaning of our seat covers using the latest developments in technology and we look forward to the benefits that this service will provide.”فلاي دبي تستخدم أحدث التقنيات من ASD

ASD and flydubai have been working in partnership for seven years, and In 2014, ASD implemented the first RFID solution in the aviation sector in the Middle East at flydubai. Since the implementation of RFIDAeroCheck, to track presence and expiry of emergency equipment on aircraft, ASD and flydubai have successfully implemented RFIDAeroTrack to address a number of flydubai business requirements.

Dave Browne, Managing Director of ASD, stated: “ASD has worked closely and successfully with flydubai for many years and this latest enhancement continues to demonstrate ASD’s ability to innovate and implement functionally-rich cost-effective solutions. ASD very much value this partnership and look forward to our continued business relationship with flydubai.”

This latest RFIDAeroTrack application functionality provides numerous benefits to the airline and aids compliance with all safety regulations. It also provides support for the management of the precautionary measures in relation to COVID-19. In addition, the application reduces the time to manage the removal and return of clean seat covers, as well as unnecessary cleaning costs by monitoring of the number of times that a seat cover is cleaned. The technology also enables the tracking of seat covers across multiple locations and helps maintain high standards of cabin cleanliness for the well-being of passenger.

The system is also able to manage a variety of other laundered items that need to be tracked and monitored.

About Aerospace Software Developments (ASD)

Based in Dublin, Ireland, ASD specialises in the development and implementation of mission-critical applications based on the latest RFID technology which are specifically designed for the Aerospace and Aviation market sectors. ASD’s solutions are standards-based, GS1-Certified, and SPEC2000-Compliant.

ASD personnel have been involved in the Aerospace sector since 1996, successfully developing and implementing legacy, client server and J2EE web-based applications. We specialise in RFID technology and applications. Our clients list represents the leading operators in the aviation industry.

Standards and Compliance

All RFIDAero applications have been accredited by GS1.

ASD’s RFID software solutions RFIDAeroTrack, RFIDAeroCheck, RFIDAeroSecure and RFIDAeroTag have been rigorously tested by GS1 Auditors and found to correctly deploy GS1 Standards in accordance with the GS1 EPC Tag and the latest Data Standard for Aviation.

Where the RFIDAeroCheck and RFIDAeroSecure solutions are used for the on-aircraft solutions, RFIDAeroTrack is used on the ground in your facilities to track and monitor the movement of parts, processes, and people. It can be used to track from Receiving Dock to storage area, from storage area to point of use in a hangar or in a back shop. It can also be used to monitor COMAT shipments from Base to Line Stations. Implemented for fixed RFID readers, it also works in combination with handheld readers to provide more power and flexibility at less cost. This latest enhancement extends the capability of the application.

About flydubai

From its home in Dubai, flydubai has created a network of more than 90 destinations and over the next decade the airline will see its fleet grow by up to 236 aircraft. Since commencing operations in June 2009, flydubai has been committed to removing barriers to travel, creating free flows of trade and tourism and enhancing connectivity between different cultures across its ever-expanding network.

flydubai has marked its journey with a number of milestones that represent the scale of the ambition planned for the airline:

  • An expanding network: Created a network of more than 90 destinations in 48 countries across Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the GCC, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Serving underserved markets: Opened up 65 new routes that did not previously have direct air links to Dubai or were not served by a UAE national carrier from Dubai.
  • An efficient single fleet-type: Operates a single fleet-type of 51 Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Record-breaking orders: Placed the largest single-aisle aircraft orders in the region at the 2013 and 2017 editions of the Dubai Airshow.