Elli Junior

As every great brand, Dubai based Elli Junior was created out of necessity, vision and self-motivation.  When Elli Kasbi had her first born, she started looking for baby clothes, baby products and baby toys. But coming from Sweden, where quality is a way of life, the aspiring entrepreneur didn’t find what she would deem best for her child in terms of quality and diversity, Hence, Elli Junior was created to fill this gap in UAE market for children between the ages of 0 to 4 years old.

إيلي جونيور Elli Junior

Going strong in its fourth year now, Elli Junior introduced some of the best European brands to a thirsty audience here in UAE. “When choosing a reputable brand to bring to the local market I look for certain criteria”, Kasbi said; “Diversity, Inclusivity, Innovation and Affordability are key factors for me. The UAE baby market is quite sophisticated due to its diversified pool of nationalities, that’s why I made sure that Elli Junior products cater for the wider community through its core values”.

Indeed, Covid-19 presented a huge challenge for most businesses, but Kasbi’s business module ensured that Elli Junior turned this challenge into an opportunity to better serve its expanding customer base. “I simply focused on enhancing my online presence across the main platforms, and made it easier for my clients to get what they want when they want it”, Kasbi concluded