Male Grooming is not the ‘next’ big thing, because it already IS the current! Enter, The Grooming Lab, delivering the most effective and reputable grooming products to the modern-day gentleman making grooming for men both accessible and convenient.

The Grooming Lab boasts a portfolio of exceptional brands in the UAE region, with one key aim – to revolutionize the men’s grooming industry. As the exclusive distributor of premium male grooming products, the brand’s wide selection ranges from hair care, beard care and shaving, skincare, to bath & body essentials.


Time to throw away those old shaving cream and worn-out razor that irritate your face. Captain Fawcett is here to change the beard and shaving game. Keep that beard moisturized, hydrated, and in share with top-of-the-line products. With over 40 quality grooming requisites that cater to sensitive skin, their wide selection of tools, creams, and oils helps achieve The Perfect Beard by elevating it from a chore into an enjoyable ritual.

Captain Fawcett Jimmy Niggles The Million Dollar Beard Oil (50ml), AED294


Celeb hot-favorite: Jaxon Lane Bro Mask crafted with advanced hydrogel technology for maximum hydration and absorption of active ingredients, is the quickest solution for your skincare problems. After all, who said only women can have a facial care regime? Jaxon Lane’s enzyme face wash and moisturizing sunscreen are a must-have in any man’s grooming pouch.

P.S – Nick Jonas once said he can’t live without the Bro Mask!

Jaxon Lane Bro Mask, AED60


Keep those manes tamed and in style with the world-renowned hair styling brand, Dapper Dan. Made from the finest ingredients that offer great practical use and health benefits, these styling clays and pomades with pleasant fragrances will help you achieve great volume and texture all day, every day!

Dapper Dan Pomade, starts at AED100

Whether you’re on the hunt for the basic grooming essentials or looking to take your skincare routine to the next level, The Grooming Lab will pamper you with premium products that will keep you looking confident and well-defined.


About The Grooming Lab:

Brain child of a fierce female entrepreneur Zein Arbeed, The Grooming Lab comes from a long-standing history of excellence & innovation in the personal care and wellness industry.  A dynamic brand established in the UAE in 2017, The Grooming Lab houses a portfolio of high-end men’s grooming brands from around the globe including Captain Fawcett, Jaxon Lane, and Dapper Dan. The Grooming Lab’s distinctive brands are well represented throughout the UAE’s most renowned Barbershops, Men’s Salons, Spas, Retail Outlets and Online Shops such as Harvey Nichols, Faces,1847, PDL, Chaps & Co., Moto Barbershop, and BO Barbershop among others. The portfolio of brands is present across over 45 outlets and growing in numbers every day.