Saba Kombucha Rebrands as it Expands Its Product Line Introducing the Saba Plant-Based Probiotic Yoghurts

Saba Kombucha, the first all-natural brewed beverage in the UAE, is proud to announce its rebrand as Saba Plant-based and the expansion of its probiotic offerings- an all-natural probiotic yoghurt – for all health and wellness enthusiasts in the UAE. The new Saba plant-based probiotic yoghurt is 100% organic and will serve consumer’s daily needs for probiotics.

Handcrafted in Dubai, the Saba plant-based probiotic yoghurt is available in four different delicious flavors – Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Natural flavor. They are each made from certified Sri Lankan coconuts that are slowly pasteurized and fermented to produce live, plant-powered probiotics.

“At Saba, we are always seeking innovative ways to create the best products for health and wellness enthusiasts, which has allowed our brand to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing kombucha market in the UAE. Consumers need probiotics that are essential for their gut health, hence why we are excited to rebrand as Saba Plant-based and introduce the new Saba plant-based probiotic yoghurt, says Vincent Vandenabeele, founder of Saba Kombucha.

The all-natural probiotic yoghurt is free from dairy, refined sugar, and preservatives. They provide ample health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, aiding weight loss, reducing toxins in the liver, protecting the body against harmful bacteria, and improving digestion and gut health.

We rebranded and created the Saba plant-based probiotic yoghurt for people who want to make better choices in their everyday lives. Our four new flavors are bursting with probiotics and organic ingredients that deliver all the health benefits one cannot resist,” says Sabrina, co-founder of Saba Kombucha.

With a smooth and creamy texture to indulge in, customers can now purchase the new Saba plant-based yoghurt from Kibsons.

About Saba

Vincent, a pioneer in the organic snack industry in France, and his wife Sabrina founded Saba Kombucha, the first of its kind in the UAE in 2019. The locally brewed fermented tea contains probiotics and electrifying enzymes that keep the gut, skin, and energy in check while tasting delicious at the same time. Now a year after, Saba expands its probiotic offerings by introducing the plant-based probiotic yoghurt that is 100% organic, vegan, and dairy-free. The probiotic team continues to share a vision of promoting a healthy and happy life while supporting local industries here in the UAE.