THE WINNERS OF UFC : Korean Zombie and T City

Said Nurmagomedov Beat Mark Striegl, TKO, R1- 51 second

“I feel great and I did not have to do too much. It was the fastest win in my career. I had an injury earlier, so I had to recover for some time before coming back. I got him with left hand, followed with a kick and I heard my corner telling me he is finished. I want to return end of December or January, but I am ready to come back anytime. I knew that he will be wrestling from the beginning, because he wrestles in the beginning, so I was surprised that he came aggressive from the beginning.”

“I am glad to be part of UFC Family. My last fight was a contract, and I did not have a training camp before this, it was a short notice. I knew him for a long time, he surprised me being tough blocking my elbows. I do not argue with referee decision, but the finish was coming in third round. I would love to come back February or March, I want to spend some time with the family. I will be calling names on social media. Given the short notice of this contract, I will consider my next fight as my first proper UFC fight”

Fares Ziam

Beat Jamie Mullarkey, Decision, R3

I am really happy and I worked hard with my team for this UFC victory, thanks UFC. My defense is grappling, with all opponent. He is a tough opponent and he fought good, but I believe it is the fight of the night. It was a close win he performed well with good pressure. I call out Bobby Green for my next fight, and I am ready to smash him. He is a boxer like me, and I am sure I can win him. If I win 50K I will go to USA for AKA. I want to move to AKA no matter what. Because they have the top fighters Khabib so I can train with the top to be the top.

Park Jun-yong

Beat John Phillips, Decision, R3

I feel good I want to fly. The cut was my fault I was not paying attention, but it feels good to win. Things was going crazy with COVID 19, but I am grateful for UFC and fight Island for this opportunity. I am happy with my wrestling performance, because my camp was all about wrestling. My cardio is better than many fighters in my category. I feel I am not high enough to call out people, but I am ready to fight whoever wants to fight me, fight Is fight.

Gillian Robertson

Beat Poliana Botelho, Decision, R3

I am not impressed with this fight, because I was looking for a finish not decision to push my record. I am happy with my win. I knew she will come strong and I did not expect her to come this strong. I am fighting till my heart stops. She was very defensive which made it more difficult to finish. I am ready to come back as soon as I can.

Guram Kutateladze

Beat Mateusz Gamrot, Decision, R3

It was a difficult fight; he was a good opponent. I am not happy with my performance, I know I am of a better level, but it is what it is, I got the win, but this is not the performance of undefeated champion. There is never hesitation, and whoever my manager tells me I say yes to any fight. My manager choses the fights for me and my job is to fight. It is always different when you are in the octagon from when I watch the fight. My coach was shouting and telling me to stay active. I will keep moving and stop when I die. Islam Makhachev does not have opponent next weekend, so I am here to fight, and I am ready. Kicking is one of my weapons, and I use boxing as well, because I am mixed martial artist, and now I will go back to the gym and continue improving myself.”

Jonathan Martinez

Beat Thomas Almeida, Decision, R3

I was excited for this fight, and I am happy about it. I am ready to come back in December. I liked the safe zone, it was good and safe. I want people to know who I am and what I can do. I do not call people out, I work with my managers and I am ready for whatever comes.

James Krause

Beat Cláudio Silva, Decision, R3

I had to cut my weight before the fight, and I was frustrated by the end of the fight. I know I won but I was not sharp. You need to be mentally tough to fight in the fight Island with the time difference and other challenges. I wanted to take part in Fight Island, because I knew if I do not fight here I will fight until first quarter next year. I had only one month to prepare for this fight, it is what it is, you accept a fight, you prepare for it and walk in the octagon. I felt slow, and as a coach myself, I am not happy with my performance, but given the circumstances, I think I did good.

Jimmy Crute

Beat Modestas Bukauska, KO, R1

It was the first time, and I expressed what I can do. I am ready to fight anyone, so I am not calling out names. Fight Island is an experience I will tell my grandchildren about. I am not as happy as when I usually win because I knew I will win, because I did everything to win this. I am happy I can finally show what I can do. I have a lot of respect for my opponent. If I win the 50K, I will make sure to use it wisely, I want something to fall on when I am older.

Jéssica Andrade

Beat Katlyn Chookagian, TKO, R1

I feel good. One more accomplishment, and I am already thinking of the next step. I think weight cutting gets harder when you are older, but I am prepared for any fight that UFC suggest for me. I think I can make a difference in this division. I will be ready for any opportunity in any division. I won today a bonus, and I might buy a house for my family. My strategy was to close the distance and take her down, but then saw an opportunity and I took it immediately to win the fight. I added new tools to my techniques which helped me at the octagon.

Brian Ortega

Beat Korean Zombie, Decision, R5

In this game, you take chances, you do not grow in your comfort zone.

It was fun it was good to come back and shake the nerves again. All the nerves I used to get when I am sleeping. But finally I had solid sleep. I had good sleep. Went in there and went to work, I am here to work. It is a bit surprising, I thought it would be a harder war. The fact there was no crowd it helped me listen to my corner very clear, it made it easier to work they were giving me clear instructions and kept me a step ahead of everything. It is mortal combat here… I wanted to come here because I usually train during night hours, so when they told me about Fight Island and the time difference, I was like let’s go! I enjoyed the island, and I am still debating if I will go home or stay here; I would love to go and see more of it. I want to go home, see my family and celebrate and have some vegetable juice. I knew I could do it, and I followed the game plan. And during the time when I was away I was always thinking do not worry you will have your time. I cut my hair and I donate it to kids with cancer. I feel for them, I could cut it because it was my option, but for others it is not an option and I feel for them”.