“The missile attacks on the city of Ganja is a war crime Armenia is held responsible for, and we demand that the International Court of Justice take action against the criminals” Says the Consul General of The Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,19 October 2020: H.E. Javidan Huseynov, the Consul General of The Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai, stated that the Armenian forces continue committing war crimes against innocent civilians in several Azerbaijanian cities and villages.

In a press statement, his Excellency explained that that the city of Ganja, Azerbaijan was attacked using ballistic missiles after midnight two days ago. The attacks resulted in the death of 12 people among which were two kids. In addition, more than 50 civilians were injured.

H.E. Javidan Huseynov mentioned that the city of Ganja is the second-largest city in Azerbaijan, stressing that despite being far from the combat zone, it has been attacked with ballistic missiles for the third time in less than two weeks, endangering the lives of women, children, and old people.

“Intentional killing of civilians is a strong violation of international laws and principles, including the International humanitarian law and the humanitarian ceasefire truce agreed on. It is a war crime and a crime against humanity”. He added, stressing that the Armenian leadership is fully responsible for this crime.

His Excellency also invited Armenia to end the continued acts of violence and brutal attacks against civilians. Emphasizing that the international community must not ignore Armenia’s unhumanitarian acts against the people of Azerbaijan.

H.E. strongly condemned the horrific attacks against Azerbaijani civilians. “We demand the occupiers to put an end to war crimes”.

“The Armenian political-military leadership, who take terrorism to be a part of its international policy, should hold responsibility for its decision to missile bomb civilians” he concluded.

“The Republic of Azerbaijan will peruse the criminals and it demands that they be presented to the International Court of Justice using whatever international, legal and local means available” he added.