{:en}Dubai Comedy Festival Comes to an End{:}{:ar}اختتام فعاليات مهرجان دبي للكوميديا{:}  After 4 Jampacked Days of Laughs & Sold-Out Shows



  • After four days of sold-out shows by some of the planet’s funniest comedians, it’s safe to say Dubai Comedy Festival was exactly the dose of comedy the city needed.
  • Organisers Dubai Calendar, BRAG, Live Nation and Dxb Live have wasted no time in announcing that Dubai Comedy Festival will return in May 2021, bigger than ever.
  • The citywide extravaganza of laughs has set the benchmark for successfully hosting a major live event in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Dubai, UAE (October 2020) The curtain has come down on this year’s Dubai Comedy Festival following an amazing four days of laughter-filled events in multiple hotspots across the city. Featuring a jampacked line-up of global comedic talent, including Gad Elmaleh, Michelle Wolf, Mo Amer, Ali Al Sayed, Nemr, Vir Das, Gaurav Kapoor, and Mina Liccione – Dubai Comedy Festival was a massive hit, with sell-out shows across all venues over the course of the event.

Presented by Dubai Calendar and produced by BRAG, Live Nation and Dxb Live, in partnership with Dubai Opera, BookMyShow, Dubomedy, Virgin Radio Dubai, and Dubai 92, the extravaganza of laughs saw the city’s comedy fans descend upon Dubai Opera, Dubai World Trade Centre, The Theatre at Mall of the Emirates, and the Reel Drive-In Cinema  for  hilarious stand-up sets, unforgettable shows, and comedy movie nights

The event showcased Dubai’s ability to come together and host a hugely popular event, while still ensuring health and wellbeing of audiences and performers were safeguarded at all times, in the midst of current circumstances.

As a result, organisers have wasted no time in announcing that Dubai Comedy Festival will be back, bigger and funnier than ever in May 2021, and every May thereafter, as it further establishes itself as a standout annual event in Dubai’s live entertainment calendar.

Ahmed Al Khaja, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), commented: “The success of this year’s Dubai Comedy Festival is a true testament to Dubai’s collaborative spirit and collective ability to overcome current challenges in a safe and effective manner. We have shown that it is possible to restart the events industry and bring live events back to the city, while still adhering to public health guidelines and prioritising the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

By working together to provide safe and enjoyable live environments for events to take place, we can continue to reiterate Dubai’s position as a global hub for comedy, setting the benchmark for responsibly organising different types of world class events. Plans are already well underway for next year’s Dubai Comedy Festival, and we look forward to carrying forward the legacy of this year’s instalment to ensure it becomes one of the region’s most highly anticipated events.”

Stay tuned to Dubai Comedy Festival on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for exciting line-up announcements and news over the coming year

About Dubai Comedy Festival

There may be over 200 nationalities living in Dubai, but they all speak the same language: the language of laughter! The Dubai Comedy Festival brings the city non-stop jokes by some of the planet’s funniest men and women. As well as attracting the world’s best in comedy, Dubai Comedy Festival also serves as a platform for local and regional comedians to showcase their skills, while transcending all cultures, backgrounds and ages, like good comedy should! The cat’s out of the bag; Dubai has become a regional and international hub of comedy and entertainment, home to outstanding talent…and Dubai Comedy Festival is proof!

About Dubai Calendar

With an average of 150 events listed at any one time, and 35 new events added every week, Dubai Calendar is an all-access pass to ‘what’s on’ in Dubai.  Dubai Calendar’s website and app is a free resource that allows residents and tourists to dive into the heart of the city and discover upcoming events and offerings. Tickets can also be bought quickly and securely through the app’s purchasing platform.

About BRAG (Festival Management & Marketing Partner)

Brag is a UAE born and bred creative collective, shaping social trends and perceptions of what the region thinks an event experience should be. By fostering that creative energy into Brag-worthy experiences and live marketing campaigns, the company creates events and festivals that build brands and communities throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi and neighboring cities. The award-winning company’s portfolio consists of iconic projects like Fashion Forward, Sole Dxb, Dubai Fitness Challenge, Dubai Food Festival’s Beach Canteen, and The Pointe’s live concerts headlining Enrique Iglesias, Dua Lipa, and Robbie Williams.

About Live Nation (Programming & Ticketing Partner)

Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, and Live Nation Sponsorship. For additional information, visit www.livenationentertainment.com

About DXB Live (Production Partner)

DXB Live, Dubai World Trade Centre’s experiential agency, is at the forefront of innovation in the events industry, offering turn-key event solutions powered by an award-winning team of industry experts.  The extensive 360-degree services and solutions DXB Live offers range from exhibition concept and design, to stand build, lighting and audio visuals, utilizing world-class design and technical production to create and host spectacular events and capture decisive moments throughout the UAE and worldwide.

About BookMyShow (Promotional Partner)

Launched in 2007, BookMyShow, owned and operated by Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd (founded in 1999), is a global company and India’s leading entertainment destination with operations across India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Singapore amongst others. BookMyShow works with partners across the industry to provide unmatched entertainment experiences to millions of customers. Over the years, BookMyShow has evolved from a purely online ticketing platform for movies across 6,000 screens, to end-to-end management of live entertainment events including music concerts, live performances, theatricals, sports and more, all accomplished at par with global standards. Some of the key properties that BookMyShow has brought to its markets over the past 2 years include U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour, NBA’s debut games in India, Disney’s Aladdin, Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR as also international artists such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber to name a few. For additional information, visit www.bookmyshow.com

About Dubomedy (Promotional Partner)

Dubomedy are the pioneers of the local comedy community in the UAE and do “all things comedy” including stand-up, sketch comedy, improv, script and content writing, variety arts, event and festival production. Founded on April 1, 2008 by Broadway veteran Mina Liccione and trail-blazing comedian Ali Al Sayed acting as a home to the premiere Comedy & Urban Arts School in the MENA Region, Funny Girls, Clowns Who Care Project, Improv Revolution, Dubai International Comedy Carnival, Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival (DIPAF), Sketch@ TV, Dubai Tap Dance & Choreography and Corporate Training.

About Dubai Opera (Venue Partner)

Dubai Opera is a truly unique venue and the city’s only purpose-built multi-format performing arts theatre, situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Dubai Opera’s stage hosts an incredible array of world-class talent, with opera, ballet and classical music concerts and productions at the core, Dubai Opera also stages musical theatre, fashion shows, jazz, comedy, family shows and a full range of live entertainment. With an iconic dhow shaped design rooted in Emirati heritage, Dubai Opera offers the ultimate flexibility easily converting from a proscenium arch theatre to an acoustic concert hall, to a 2000m2 flat floor event space and is the definitive destination for quality entertainment productions and performances. www.dubaiopera.com

About Virgin Radio Dubai (Radio Partner)

Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 is the UAE’s #1 Hit Music Station. Home to the award-winning and internationally syndicated The Kris Fade Show, Virgin Radio Dubai dominates the market share in the UAE engaging with over 1 million unique listeners every single week. A line-up of the most entertaining personalities, broadcasting the freshest and biggest variety of hit music 24/7 and larger than life promotions on-air makes Virgin Radio Dubai the reigning people’s choice in the UAE. Our unique product positioning of ’40 minutes of Non Stop Hits’ and limited advertising breaks translates to maximum-cut through for brands wanting to attract a primary audience of 15-34 year old’s who are passionate, progressive and involved.

About Dubai 92 (Radio Partner)

Dubai 92 is the longest running English language station in the UAE. Proud of our heritage and in tune with a western facing audience, Dubai 92 is the only family focused radio station in the UAE. We embrace the change, growth and lifestyle of Dubai and the UAE and play the soundtrack to your family’s life in the World’s Best City. Dubai 92 is live, local and we engage with our listeners on air, online and across the UAE. Our presenters are more like friends and our listeners are the true stars

{:}{:ar} الحافلة بالضحك والعروض الجماهيرية المتميزة

  • مهرجان دبي للكوميديا قدّم لزواره على مدى أربعة أيام جرعة ترفيهية من خلال عروضٍ لاقت إقبالاً جماهيراً كبيراً
  • منظمو المهرجان، فعاليات دبي وبراج ولايف نيشن ودي إكس بي لايف، سارعوا إلى إعلان عودته في مايو 2021 بنسخة أكبر مما سبق
  • المهرجان الضخم المليء بالمرح والترفيه يثبت إمكانية استضافة فعالية مباشرة كبيرة بنجاح وضمن بيئة آمنة

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة (أكتوبر 2020) أعلن مهرجان دبي للكوميديا اختتام فعاليات نسخته لهذا العام بعد أربعة أيام مليئة بالضحك والمرح في عدة مناطق من دبي. وحقق المهرجان نجاحاً كبيراً من خلال العروض التي لاقت إقبالاً كبيراً في كافة المناطق وطيلة أيام المهرجان الذي استضاف نخبة من المواهب الكوميدية العالمية مثل جاد المالح وميشيل وولف ومو عامر وعلي السيد ونمر وفير داس وجوراف كابور ومينا ليسيون.

وأقيم المهرجان بتنظيم من فعاليات دبي، وإنتاج براج ولايف نيشن ودي إكس بي لايف، وبالشراكة مع دبي أوبرا وموقع BookMyShow ومدرسة دوبوميدي وفيرجن راديو دبي وإذاعة دبي 92. ولاقت الفعاليات المليئة بالمرح إقبال عشاق الكوميديا، حيث توافدوا إلى دبي أوبرا ومركز دبي التجاري العالمي ومسرح مول الإمارات وسينما السيارات ريل لمشاهدة عروض الكوميديا الحيّة والفعاليات الاستثنائية والأفلام الكوميدية.

وأثبت المهرجان قدرة دبي على استضافة فعالية جماهيرية كبيرة وضمان سلامة وصحة الحضور والمشاركين في ظل الظروف الراهنة.

وبناء على هذا النجاح، سارع منظمو المهرجان إلى إعلان عودته في مايو 2021 بنسخة أكبر وأكثر ترفيهاً مما سبق، ليصبح فعالية سنوية مميزة ضمن قائمة فعاليات دبي الترفيهية المباشرة.

وقال أحمد الخاجة، المدير التنفيذي لمؤسسة دبي للمهرجانات والتجزئة: “يعكس النجاح الذي حققه مهرجان دبي للكوميديا هذا العام روح التعاون والعمل الجماعي الذي تتحلى به دبي لتخطي التحديات وتحويلها إلى فرص مميزة. لقد أكدنا مرة أخرى من خلال هذا الحدث على ريادة الإمارة في استئاف قطاع الفعاليات مع الاستمرار في الالتزام بالإجراءات الاحترازية والتدابير الوقائية ووضع الصحة العامة وسلامة الجميع ضمن سلم اولوياتنا”.

“يساهم إلتزامنا بالعمل الجماعي لتوفير بيئة أمنة ومناسبة لتنظيم الفعاليات في ترسيخ مكانة دبي كوجهة عالمية للفعاليات واستقطاب عروض عالمية خاصة الكوميدية منها.  وبناءً على نجاح دورة هذا العام، يتم التحضير لدورة العام المقبل للمهرجان ليكون الأول من نوعه والأكثر ترقبا في المنطقة بأكملها”.

لمحة عن مهرجان دبي للكوميديا

مهرجان دبي للكوميديا هو مهرجان يعود إلى تعزيز مكانة إمارة دبي كوجهة إقليمية وعالمية للكوميديا والترفيه، بالإضافة إلى تسليط الضوء على أهميتها كمقر يحتضن المواهب الاستثنائية المحلية والإقليمية في فن الكوميديا. يتمتع مهرجان دبي للكوميديا ببرنامج ترفيهي متميز وعروض متألقة سترسم الابتسامة على وجوه رواده على مدى أربعة أيام، كما أن المهرجان سيشمل برامج متنوعة وحافلة بالعروض الكوميدية، وأجواءٍ تحتفي بجميع الناس بكافة خلفياتهم الثقافية وفئاتهم العمرية، بالإضافة إلى مشاركة عدد من أبرز نجوم الكوميديا المحليين والإقليميين والعالميين.{:}