Travelling Tailor service by Collars&Cuffs becomes a popular gifting option as customers prioritise safety

Dubai, 26 October 2020: Collars & Cuffs (C&C), a Dubai–based bespoke tailoring service, has witnessed a surge in the number of people opting for its Travelling Tailor service as a gifting option, as customers prioritise their loved ones’ safety with the rising number of coronavirus cases in the UAE.

As family gatherings, marriages, or other occasions are now allowed, albeit being spent while staying at a distance, customers are still avoiding crowded shopping experiences and opting for the Travelling Tailor, the home and office service by C&C. It is gaining popularity as a gifting option among the existing and the new clients of C&C.

This unique service of bespoke garments stitched to perfection and delivered at the customers’ doorstep makes it possible for people to avoid entering crowded public places and ensure they enjoy a memorable experience from the safety of their home or office.

C&C’s Sartorial Director Samrat Amarnani said, “Collars & Cuffs is known for integrating elements of modern culture and the timeless appeal of style to its bespoke pieces by expressing the creative side of fashion while making sure each garment stays true to its handcrafted roots. There cannot be a better gift to give at this time – a gift of convenience and safety, with no compromises on the quality.”

In order to make an informed decision, each customer’s personal preferences are discussed via a quick call prior to the initial visit to make sure the perfect selection from their range of over 5,000 fine Italian and English fabrics is taken into consideration. Based on the customer’s preferences, the Wardrobe Consultant guides them on the most flattering designs, colours and fits that will suit their personality and style. Each C&C garment is hand-stitched with the finest natural fabrics and accessories chosen specifically by the wearer. It is an investment in time and quality that results in a greater longevity of the garment.

The luxury Travelling Tailor service is a reflection of C&C’s commitment to sartorial excellence and its aim to provide each customer with the highest quality and best fitting garments that bespoke tailoring can offer, all at affordable prices and in the safest way possible.

About Collars & Cuffs:

Collars & Cuffs’ dedicates itself to the pursuit of sartorial excellence by providing each customer with the highest quality and best fitting garment that bespoke tailoring can offer, all at an affordable price. The company is distinguished by its unique step-by-step styling process, which takes a customised approach to each and every customer to create one-of-a-kind garments that truly reflect their personalities and tastes. They also offer traveling tailor services, which means you can create that fantastic ensemble in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.