Badiri Academy’s new webinar series to enable people find calm and strength in troubled times

Designed to promote self-development in collaboration with School of Life, Badiri Education and Development Academy will organise monthly online workshops starting on October 28  

Following the success of its educational webinars to promote collaborative learning at home during the period of physical distancing in the wake of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity building arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has partnered with The School of Life headquartered in London to present an online workshop series to impart a range of emotional and interpersonal skills needed to navigate challenges and thrive in today’s world.مهارات تطوير الذات والتواصل أثناء الأزمات وفنّ الدبلوماسية

Titled ‘Diplomacy’, the first of the three free-to-attend online workshops will be held on October 28, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. Community impresario, public speaker and messaging consultant, Monica McCarthy, will offer tips and techniques to master the art of diplomacy, which is essential for handling difficult situations and people, both at work and at home.

Two more online workshops will follow in the month of November. Titled ‘Objectivity’ and ‘Resilience’, they will be held on November 11 and November 24, respectively. A virtual talk titled ‘Agility in Times of Change’ will be streamed online on December 21.

Speaking about the new online discussion series, Dr Mona Al Ali, Manager, Badiri Education and Development Academy, said: “We have partnered with The School of Life to bring this new online workshop and talk series to our local and global audiences in recognition of the fact that people are needing recourse to qualities of calmness and composure, self-understanding and resilience, now more than ever, as we navigate unprecedented circumstances and uncertainty both in our professional and personal lives. This specialised series is poised to boost participants’ emotional skillsets, which are useful to not only entrepreneurs and business owners but to people from all walks of life. By teaching new techniques and strategies to leverage their resilience, endurance and foresight, these sessions will help participants acquire the much-needed emotional skills to succeed in these times.”

On his part, Alain de Botton, The School of Life Founder, said: “Most of the disasters of nations and of companies come down ultimately to problems not in knowledge, not in technical skills but in a weirder part of the mind that we’re still struggling to know how to name, but what we like to call the emotional skills area. We are lacking the emotional skills and it’s for this reason that people become unstuck.”

How to enrol

To register for the workshops, please visit the Badiri website: For more information about Badiri’s webinars, online workshops and panel discussion, please visit Badiri’s social media accounts @Badiriacademy.  The events are offered free of cost and open to both women and men.