Only Ethikal Launches its Sustainable Winter 2020 Collection

Diversifying its range of sustainable fabrics, the online ethical fashion e-commerce platform features its 2020 Winter collection consisting of layers of beautifully handwoven and handcrafted designs made from organic and hanwoven fabrics.

 Only Ethikal, one of UAE’s leading sustainable fashion e-commerce platforms has launched its exclusive 2020 winter collection.

Only Ethikal celebrates its conscious choices with the right fabrics and present-day styles in it’s recently launched winter collection for its customers. Ensuring that the fabrics improve the aesthetic appeal of the pieces for today’s contemporary women.

Organic Cotton: Layer up your winters with Only Ethikal’s conscious collection featuring beautiful handcrafted signature pieces made out of pure organic cotton, traditional Jamdani fabric which is a hand-woven technique that creates patterns of various colours and designs on cotton or silk clothing.

Merino Wool: Only Ethikal has also introduced Merino wool in its winter collection, known to be a powerhouse of natural fibre, it provides good insulation, transports moisture and has anti-static properties. It is lightweight and does all this in a completely natural and sustainable way.

The online e-commerce platform proves to be the one-stop shop for everything chic, sustainable and comprehensive, for all body types. It offers an assortment of conscious and affordable styles from upcycled to authentic and natural fabrics.

About Only Ethikal: Founded in 2019, Only Ethikal is a sustainable fashion e-commerce platform that provides a selection of convenient and affordable ethical clothing . The brands hosted on their platform use innovative techniques in producing designs, which are ethically traded and are made from sustainable fabrics by artisans and workers skilled in the craft of making designs. Only Ethikal was founded by Deepthi Chandran Joyau to share her passion for sustainable clothing, educate people on the impact of fast fashion on our environment as well as acknowledge people involved in making our planet a better place.