Only Ethikal Gives a New Meaning To Sustainable Fashion in the UAE

 The sustainable fashion e-commerce platform is on a mission to raise awareness about the hazards of fashion pollution on the environment

 It is a lesser known fact that 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year and the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of human carbon emissions, which causes water pollution according to an article by Business Insider.

Only Ethikal is one of UAE’s top sustainable fashion e-commerce platforms’ dedicated to providing a selection of ethical clothing and raising awareness on the threats that fast-fashion imposes on human rights and the environment.

Curated for the conscious minds, Only Ethikal’s vision is to make sustainable clothes convenient, affordable and easily available in every shopper’s wardrobe. They believe in defining fashion through stories that each piece of clothing has to narrate, giving it not only a purpose, but also making it a trend.

Only Ethikal originates from brands that are central to their management of fabric waste and renewable energy. All brands hosted on the platform include Doodlage, The Summer House, Mati and Rias Jaipur use innovative techniques in producing designs, which are ethically traded and made from sustainable fabrics by artisans and workers, who are skilled in the craft of making designs.

“Sustainable fashion has helped me grow closer to many cultures, processes, people and clothes itself. I believe that each design on the platform speaks a unique story, creating awareness in its own unique way. I hope that Only Ethikal will influence consumers to make conscious choices while buying clothes and bring a positive change in everyone’s wardrobe” says Deepthi Chandran Joyau, founder of Only Ethikal

Only Ethikal is also committed to giving back to the environment and humanity.  They have been contributing 1% of their monthly earnings to organizations like, One Tree Planted, All India Welfare Society and the World Wide Fund for Nature, which are dedicated to enhancing the environment.

About Only Ethikal: Founded in 2019, Only Ethikal is a sustainable fashion e-commerce platform that provides a selection of convenient and affordable ethical clothing . The brands hosted on their platform use innovative techniques in producing designs, which are ethically traded and are made from sustainable fabrics by artisans and workers skilled in the craft of making designs. Only Ethikal was founded by Deepthi Chandran Joyau to share her passion for sustainable clothing, educate people on the impact of fast fashion on our environment as well as acknowledge people involved in making our planet a better place.