Chile to woo UAE dried fruit and nut importers  through a series of virtual and live eventsyu

  • UAE dried fruit and nut importers to participate in ExpoNut 2020, The ProChile Food Exporter Meeting, having already taken part in the 24th e-business meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso last month
  • The events will provide UAE importers with access to over 170 Chilean exporters of nuts and dried fruits
  • The import value of dried fruits to the UAE increased year-on-year in 2019 by 75% to US$43.8 million

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 02 November 2020: Chile is hosting a series of events to secure its’ position in the UAE as the leading exporter of walnuts and dried fruits with a trio of virtual and live business networking opportunities.

Prominent UAE importers have been selected for the exclusive sessions which will include a series of presentations outlining the superior quality and health benefits of Chilean produce, group discussions, as well as the opportunity to participate in virtual and live business meetings.

Carlos Salas, Trade Commissioner of Chile in Dubai, said: “The UAE and the wider GCC region continue to be incredibly important markets for Chilean dried fruit exporters, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

“As such, we have developed a series of online events which will provide importers from the UAE, and the rest of the world, to learn more about our fantastic produce, do business, and ultimately secure deals with renowned Chilean exporters.”

The first event, the 24th e-business meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso, took place from the 27th – 30th of October. The event saw over 176 Chilean exporters of fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables, and healthy foods undertake a series of 30-minute meetings with importers from the UAE and the rest of the world.

ExpoNut 2020, which takes place on November 25th, is the second virtual event to take place. It is the largest meeting point for the Chilean nut industry, annually bringing together more than 500 producers, exporters, suppliers, investors. As a result of COVID-19, the event will be virtual this year and host a series of talks and panel discussions addressing exports, agriculture, and sustainable development. The event will also host the ExpoNut Business Roundtable, giving importers from the UAE the opportunities to partake in a series of discussion with Chilean Walnut exporters.

Rounding out the series of events is the ProChile Food Exporter Meeting, taking place from 7th -12th December, live in Chile. Five UAE importers will have the opportunity to meet with a range of Chilean companies during workshops and roundtable discussions. A series of masterclasses, product sampling and insights into the latest market innovations will also take place.

“This will be a vital opportunity for exporters to reconnect with valuable importers from the UAE, as we look to build on the successes witnessed in 2019. Our number one priority is to facilitate meetings and networking, however, showcasing the superior quality, health benefits, and sustainable practices relating to our produce is also vitally important,” added Salas.

The popularity of Chilean walnuts has surged in the last two years, with the country the leading exporter in the southern hemisphere, and now the second-largest exporter in the world, exporting over 135,000 tonnes in 2019.

In the UAE, the value of exported dry fruits from Chile increased by 75% year-on-year in 2019 to US$43.8. This was primarily attributed to walnuts, which made up 76% of the total dried fruit exports to the UAE.

According to yield estimates based on the planted area and average performance, production in Chile is expected to increase to 163,000 tonnes in 2021 and 200,000 tonnes in 2024. Over 95% of all production is exported to 75 countries, with the Middle East accounting for 54% in 2019.

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