The 56th session of GRI Standards Training

  • Virtual training conducted by Arabia CSR Network on 3rd – 5th November

Arabia CSR Network, the Middle East region’s pioneering and leadingmulti-stakeholder platform for CSR and sustainability engages small and large businesses, and government institutions to strengthen their commitment to sustainable development across the Arab World.

It conducted the 56th session of a three-day training course on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for Sustainability Reporting from 3rd – 5th November virtually. Since 2011, ACSRN has been offering these training modules as the 1st certified training partner to GRI in the Arab World and additionally, also became the 1st to deliver these courses in Arabic to reach every organisation and business in the Region. The extensive lectures,

discussions, exercises and case studies have helped entities across all sectors to understand the criticality of sustainability reporting and how to stay aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals released in 2015.

Globally, the private sector and organisations have been called to revisit, restructure and restrategise their core businesses and operations in order to implement inclusive approach towards resilient future. The unprecedented times that the world is witnessing and living amid the COVID-19, and the impacts that are expected to stay for a long time demands us not to go back to the old ways. Therefore, the GRI Standards are a very effective tool to the report writing teams, sustainability professionals, consultants, and researchers to understand and take charge of the recovery efforts in order to advance the national, regional and global goals.

The GRI guidelines are the most commonly used framework for sustainability reporting, developed and released by the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB). Upon completion of the course, participants are issued certificates by GRI Headquarters at the Netherlands.

The ACSRN President & CEO gave a detailed overview of the 17 SDGs with key data on progress and challenges as per recent international reports. She also urged the participants to refer the ‘Renewed, Recharged and Reinforced’ report of Global Investors for Sustainable Development (GISD) Alliance. She said, “The private and public entities are the leaders, who can prioritise and bring effective implementations with their knowledge, skills and resources. The public private partnerships (PPP) has become important moreover to help the world recover faster and stronger to withstand the current crisis and any unforeseeable challenges”.

The Network has also developed the training calendar for the year 2021 and urges the entities across the Arab Region to start registering their teams. The trainings and workshops on CSR and sustainability, stakeholder engagement, materiality mapping and gap analysis are also part of the extensive courses and workshops developed and certified by the ACSRN itself.

About the Arabia CSR Network: The Arabia CSR Network is a professional multi stakeholder organisation established in the UAE in 2004. It is devoted to advancing the principles and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Arab region. It facilitates networking, learning and sharing experiences and knowledge in matters of CSR and Sustainability. The Arabia CSR Network was the first GRI certified training partner for the Arabic speaking Middle East countries. The Arabia CSR Network promotes, encourages and recognises responsible business practices through a bunch of services and offerings, including trainings, research and best practice, advisory services, third party assurance and a Pan-Arab acclaimed award initiative known as the Arabia CSR Awards as well as a biennial intellectual platform to discuss on the latest in the sustainability arena known as the Arabia CSR Forum.

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