Diabetes Friends Association marks World Diabetes Day, launches “Blue Circle” drive

The Friends of Diabetes Association, one of the health-promoting organizations under the Health Education Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah has launched on Tuesday the “Blue Circle” campaign, which comes in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day and as part of the global initiative “Blue Circle” aimed at supporting patients with diabetes and raising health awareness of community members about methods of prevention and coexistence with diabetes.

The five-day drive is featuring a medical exhibition at the University Hospital Sharjah to showcase diabetes-related technical and pharmaceutical products and recreational activities dubbed the blue motifs to raise awareness of diabetes, in addition to organizing webinars and virtual lectures to be delivered by an elite of doctors, nutritionists, and psychiatrists.

The campaign also includes free examinations and consultations, in cooperation with Moorfields Hospital in Dubai, posting several videos on the Association’s social media sites about the programs and activities of the Friends of Diabetes Association, as well as a thank-you letter to the nursing staff and awareness-raising leaflets with more than 40 internationally approved medical information about diabetes.

Her Excellency Khawla Al-Haj, Head of the Friends for Diabetes Association, said: “The “Blue Circle” campaign comes as part of the Association’s strenuous efforts to launch awareness-raising educational initiatives, campaigns, and programs, support patients with diabetes, and provide a health-supportive environment that enables community members to adopt positive lifestyles conducive to health promotion.”

Al-Haj explained that the World Diabetes Day is one of the most prominent annual events marked by the Association to make this day a platform for supporting diabetes patients, by organizing events aimed at educating the public about diabetes, its causes, symptoms and how to curb its spread, in addition to providing free examinations.

“This year, we have been keen to align the campaign activities and events with the current circumstances, in terms of organizing the programs and initiatives virtually to reach the largest segments of society or by applying the highest preventive measures when providing free examinations to ensure health and safety for all,” Al-Haj concluded.