A Month to Remember – Mama Rita Makes its Mark in Dubai

Food delivery concept, Mama Rita exceeds launch expectations with over 10,000 dishes sold in the opening month.

Dubai, 11 November: Recent months have seen businesses all over the world scale back massively, with industry leaders exercising caution and in many cases downsizing to effectively ride out the pandemic storm. Yet amidst all of the Covid-19 panic, mother and daughter duo Rita and Jessica Kahawaty chose to bravely bring their passion for cooking to life. The launch of their very own food delivery concept, Mama Rita that has already sold over 10,000 dishes in the opening month, using no third party aggregators but the power of social media and simply good food.

Mama Rita is a brand with wholesome, honest and delicous food firmly at its heart. Rita Kahawaty reflects on the concept’s success so far, “Now more than ever people are craving home cooked dishes that are both healthy and delicious. They are far away from their families and they miss the comfort food that their mothers would create at home, this is why Mama Rita works so well. The menu is created using recipes that have been handed down to me from my own mother or friends and family that I love and people can taste that our food is cooked from the heart. Dubai needs this now more than ever.”

The success of Mama Rita is multifaceted with the brand’s Instagram platform @mamarita proving an excellent way of driving awareness of the concept, with nearly 20K followers engaging with the brand story. Jessica is no stranger to this scene, with over 1 million followers which helped catapult the brand into peoples’ homes. The @mamarita instagram page serves to showcase the gastronomic offering of simple, yet mouthwatering food that pays homage to Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and international  cuisine. Signature dishes include Beetroot Hummus, The Original Lasagna, Mama’s Fattoush, Peanut Butter Chicken, Rita’s Homemade Shawarma and Knéfe. The power of social media and engaging, thoughtful content has ensured a fantastic launch month without partnering with third party aggregators.

Jessica Kahawaty says “We are so humbled with the success of the Mama Rita launch, it has been a wonderful surprise and has exceeded our expectations. I am very happy that everyone loves my Mom’s cooking just as much as her family do. The world is not enjoying her food which is evident with the extraordinary numbers of happy and repeat customers.”

Mama Rita founders Jessica and Rita Kahawaty have acted with boldness, daring to launch a home grown concept at a time of global austerity. The brand’s success cannot be attributed to one driving force, but instead a combination of factors that have aligned to make Mama Rita’s market entry a fantastic one.