RIF Trust participates in Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020

More than 20 employees participated including RIF Trust’s CEO and COO

RIF Trust Team during a group yogalates session in presence of David Regueiro Santalla, COO RIF Trust & Group COO Latitude, Solaleh Navvad, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Mimoun Assraoui, CEO of RIF Trust and Vice Chairman of Latitude Group

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 17th, 2020) – As part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020, RIF Trust organised a group yogalates session for employees. With participation of more than 20 employees, including RIF Trust’s CEO and COO, the event aimed to spread awareness about the importance of balancing mental and physical fitness.

The most active metropolis in the world

In 2017, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched Dubai Fitness Challenge with a vision to transform Dubai to become the most active city in the world with city-wide activities taking place to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all Dubai residents.

Mimoun Assraoui, RIF Trust CEO and Latitude Group Vice Chairman said, “we are glad to gradually return to our normal fit lifestyles. The pandemic has affected our daily routines, but the Dubai Fitness Challenge creates an opportunity for us all to keep moving and improving. We felt yoga was the perfect choice because it stretches the body, mind and soul.”

David Regueiro Santalla, COO RIF Trust & Group COO Latitude

Fitness Journey

While’s it’s true the first step towards personal fitness journey starts with one single event, the true secret ingredient of fitness is consistency. The Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages Dubai residents to create their own customised fitness routine by completing 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days.

Dorsa Mossayebzadeh, Legal & Compliance Associate at RIF TRUST

Solaleh Navvad, Certified Pilates Instructor

After completing the group yogalates session, Solaleh Navvad, Certified Pilates Instructor, commented, “it is quite inspiring to see the change that the Dubai Fitness Challenge is making with more individuals and organisations participating year after year. Although the level of participation this year is not strong as last year due to COVID-19, the awareness of adopting a healthy lifestyle is growing.”

About RIF Trust

Founded in the financial heart of Dubai, RIF Trust is a leading international residency and citizenship by investment advisory. In 2013, the company was born from the need to provide greater freedom to travel and to expand businesses abroad for High Net Worth Individuals and their families. The name RIF Trust is inspired by the mountainous region of North Africa, a place known for its people with high moral standards and the desire to explore.

RIF Trust is a government-approved partner and an authorized agent of the world’s most powerful citizenship programmes including Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Vanuatu, Portugal, Malta.

In 2018, RIF Trust merged with Latitude Consultancy Limited to expand internationally to 14 different countries including Anguilla, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, South Korea, UAE, UK and Vietnam.

RIF Trust employs over 80 industry professionals globally that provide clients with innovative programme solutions in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America, competitively priced services and local expertise with a global reach.