Romina Mattar supports “Feed the Need” after the Beirut explosion

Since the Beirut explosion the Lebanese influencer and model Romina Mattar has been participating to this day in distributing food every Wednesday to the families affected by the blast. The “Feed the Need” initiative was launched by chef Tina Wazirian who raised money in order to be able to cook daily meals for these families in addition to buying gifts and toys to distribute the children.

“When roaming the streets of Beirut after the explosion I felt a lot of sorrow, many places were unrecognizable”, says Romina. “However, I felt the need to shift this anger and sadness into something meaningful. The initiative “Feed the Need” made a difference in some people’s lives and I was sure about it when I saw the smiles on their faces especially the children, and this made me content”, Romina adds.