Noon turns the skies of Riyadh, ADNOC HQ, the Burj Khalifa, & ADGM yellow for 2020’s craziest sale

 Celebrating the largest Yellow Friday Sale ever with a region-first coordinated event

Dubai, UAE. November 25th, 2020:, the homegrown digital marketplace, announced its biggest ever Yellow Friday Sale going live with a stunning coordinated light and air show across the Middle East, turning the region’s most iconic buildings and the skies of Riyadh bright yellow.

On the afternoon of the 23rd of November noon partnered with The Helicopter Company to turn Saudi Arabia’s capital city yellow, flying a message across the skies of Riyadh. The huge 72 ft yellow banner carried the words “Our deals reach the skies”, wowing Saudis in the streets of Riyadh who immediately took to social media to express their delight.

As dusk hit, the Yellow Friday show moved to the UAE where Abu Dhabi’s sky-scraping ADNOC headquarters and the world’s largest tower, the Burj Khalifa, lit up bright noon yellow to excite and delight customers across the region. On the 27th November, ADGM, Abu Dhabi’s International Financial Centre, will join the Burj Khalifa and ADNOC in turning yellow, and the giant helicopter banner will take to the blue skies of Riyadh once again. The noon light show will play on the Burj Khalifa every night of the sale, with the last show playing on 29th November.

The never-before-seen coordinated event perfectly illustrates noon’s ambition to turn the Middle East yellow, with incredible deals and offers being safely and swiftly delivered to millions of customers over the course of the week.

Maya El Ayach, Growth & Digital Strategy, noon, said: “Yellow Friday Sale was created for our customers and local businesses and is now the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. We are so proud of what we have accomplished in just three years and know that we could not have achieved this without the love and support of our customers and retail partners. As a region, we are worthy of global-scale excellence and can achieve incredible things. I could not be prouder of our team or more excited about what is to come.”

Noon’s biggest Yellow Friday Sale is now live, ending at midnight on 29th November. Customers can enjoy up to 70 percent off across all categories, amazing price crashes, daily surprises, and must-buy bundles dropping over the course of the week. As well as all of this, noon will give customers extra incentives at checkout to help save even more money during its craziest sale of the year including up to 15% off with Al Rajhi Bank in KSA and VISA in the UAE and Egypt.

This year’s sale will happen at a time when safety is a primary concern for many. During November nearly 10,000 yellow noon vans will be on the roads, ensuring the speedy delivery of orders. Noon also offers a 100 percent contactless service with online pre-payment and leave-at-the-door silent delivery. The highest levels of hygiene are maintained across all areas of the service, with facilities and warehouses being frequently sanitized, and all delivery agents and personnel undergoing regular temperature checks.

First launched in 2018, noon’s Yellow Friday Sale is the flagship shopping event of the region’s leading digital marketplace. In 2019 noon’s Yellow Friday Sale surpassed all other Friday sales in the region. was created to serve the region, empowering and championing local businesses with innovation, technology, and support.

ABOUT NOON.COM is a joint venture between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and Mohamed Alabbar. is a Saudi company, headquartered in Riyadh and was founded with the mission of building an ecosystem of homegrown digital companies from the region, for the region to safeguard the future of our digital landscape. Noon seeks to bring exceptional value, support service to our region’s consumers and businesses. Noon’s consumer platform first went live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 12th December 2017 and has grown to become the region’s leading online shopping destination with operations present in KSA, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.  Primarily a digital e-commerce platform utilizing home-grown technology talents, noon has rapidly built deep native capabilities in its marketplace, fulfillment, logistics, and payment platforms.