Pinsanity launches new ‘8PACK’ pinsa flavour and delicious meal deals

Home-grown, Italian-owned pinsa brand introduces new 8PACK pinsa and meal offerings

Dubai, November 2020: Pinsanity, the popular home-grown pinsa concept, welcomes the winter season with a brand new pinsa flavour – the 8PACK – along with two new meal deals. Customers ordering directly through the brand’s website can enjoy the delicious new offers with a 30% discount on their first three orders.

The new 8PACK pinsa includes melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella cheese, smoked provola and is topped with savoury Ventricina sausage slices. Ventricina is a renowned Italian cured sausage, produced in the regions of Abruzzo, Southern Italy. The sausage is packed with authentic Italian flavours and combines the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Ultimate pinsa fans will also delight in the restaurant’s new meal deals, where diners can have appetizing bites, a pinsa of their choice – or two – and selection of refreshing drinks, starting from AED 56.

Pinsanity is excited to continue offering diners only the freshest and fluffiest pinsas that are authentically stone-baked, topped with unique ingredients, and prepared with wholesome Italian flair.

Direct orders can also be made through Pinsanity’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

About Pinsanity

A few centuries ago, some Romans thought “let’s take some wheat and other yummy stuff, mix it into a dough, really stretch it out and see if it’s good enough to offer to the gods!” Those nutjobs were our ancestors and I guess we’re still as crazy today about this amazing thing called Pinsa.

Pinsa was created before the invention of pizza in ancient Rome, using a mix of cereals. This mix of flours and a high water-content makes pinsa low in calories, extremely light and digestible; perfect for avoiding a food coma. The dough is stretched out into an oval shape, unlike its round cousin aka pizza.

At Pinsanity, we bake this fluffy cloud of dough inside our wood-fired ovens to create an irresistible flavour and crunch on the outside, while the pinsa remains soft on the inside. We top off our signature pinsa with premium Italian ingredients from the great “boot of Europe”.