An Homage to Culture ,The R.20 Collection , An Evolution of Nature and A Story of Timelessness

The House of NIILI, the luxury womenswear brand rooted in the deep cultural heritage and natural landscape of the United Arab Emirates, continues to pay homage to the spirit of the nation, with the launch of the NIILI R.20 Collection.

Bringing together the magical and poetic elements of nature, woven alongside a rich tapestry of Emirati traditions and customs, the NIILI R.20 Collection reflects an abundance of imagination and creativity, both fluid and harmonious. Inspired by the ethereal and modern scenes of the UAE’s diverse desert and mountain scenery, as seasonal senses shift with the changing landscape, so too does the NIILI R.20 collection, harmoniously blending texture, pattern and complexity into sophisticated yet highly versatile silhouettes of separates, including pants, blouses, and skirts along with their signature lightweight open kaftans and dresses.

This refined and curated collection of fluid and functional pieces, made only with natural fabrics, brings both modernity and sustainability to the forefront, with each piece designed to be layered, mixed and matched subject to the changing moments of the day, for a subtly wearable and timeless collection.

NIILI R.20 resonates and reflects the wealth of colour found in the signature mother of pearl palette, with two distinct prints and colourways offering a choice of subtle or bold looks to complement the needs of the NIILI woman. Smooth-hues of opulent pearl, soft pink or verdant teal, are juxtaposed with charming and vibrant tones intricately integrated into custom-made prints and hand drawn textile designs. From floral-geo prints to opulent block colour, every element is a design evolution that captures the raw natural seduction of the local landscape.

Key highlights of the collection include the Aquarelle Single-Breasted Belted Blazer; drenched in sunset tones of pink and peach, its tie-dye motif a radiant expression of the sun hitting the ocean at dusk, elegantly designed to bring fluidity and movement. A matching belt defines the cinched-waist hourglass silhouette and is cut to create a peplum-style shape that is both comfortable and chic.

The Handmade Artisanal Crochet Jacket is a testament to expert craftsmanship and sustainability, made from responsibly sourced pieces of silk fabric and mercerized cotton yarn, it is cut in a relaxed fit with an open front comprising a melange of mother of pearl and teal, fashioned from an artisanal single crochet stitch. A delightful nod to the historical roots of Emirati craftsmanship, passed through generations of Bedouin tribes comes the N SADU Belt with Gold Plated Buckle. An innovative story of adaptation and evolution under resource-limited conditions, Sadu is a traditional form of weaving practised by Emirati women in rural communities of the UAE, historically used to produce soft furnishings and decorative accessories for camels and horses. A central hallmark to the lifestyle and culture of Emirati heritage, the N SADU Belt beautifully integrates these historical and traditional inspirations into a modern aesthetic, a celebration of both style and spirit.

As seasons continue to change, NIILI R.20 honours culture, colour and craft through flourishing tones, contemporary shapes and natural fabrics. Thereby elevating local design to a global stage, and evolving the brands narrative to encapsulate the very essence of seasonless and slow fashion and timeless sensibility. The NIILI R.20 Collection is an honest appreciation of enduring pieces that aptly express refinement, sophistication, simplicity and style, elements central to the very ethos of the brand who take us on a journey inspired by stories of the past, present and future, of its renowned home, the United Arab Emirates.


NIILI is a luxury womenswear fashion brand rooted in Emirati heritage that is continuously inspired by Mother Nature and the cultural essence of its founding nation, the United Arab Emirates. NIILI represents and celebrates the versatility, diversity and inclusivity of the UAE, creating contemporary versions of traditional silhouettes for the modern woman. Showcasing timeless pieces that reflect honest simplicity with a sophisticated and sustainable approach to luxury fashion, NIILI expresses nature, style and culture through creative excellence and eclectic design. Uncompromising attention to detail, quality and superior craftsmanship are consciously woven into the brands core values of sustainability, integrity and ethical fashion, encouraging responsible consumption through limited edition products, the use of only natural fabrics and minimal packaging to generate the least waste possible and contribute responsibly to the local community at every step of its process.

Led by founders Khaled Al Zaabi and Paula Quetglas LLop and their multicultural team, NIILI proudly reflects what the UAE is today and strives to develop itself as a brand that can position the country at the centre of the global luxury fashion scene. Offering fashion-conscious individuals an extensive wardrobe of exclusive, unique and locally inspired investment pieces, that will be recognised on the International stage and leave a lasting, enduring impression.