Master the art of in-transit festive makeup without staining your hijab

ModBeautyKeeper: The must-have tool for foolproof makeup on-the-go

Whether your festive plans include transiting from one (socially distanced) house party to another, or back-to-back celebratory Zoom sessions with your loved ones; the desire to look flawless in every event without staining your headwear or getting makeup onto the top of your scarf remains a true challenge. Aside from getting half of your foundation onto your hijab, especially if you’re in a bit of a rush, you know it’s also going to be a whole ordeal getting the stain out of your headgear the next day. With ModBeautyKeeper, you can now achieve your on-the-go festive makeup looks without removing the hijab as well as avoiding any stains or smudges on it during your makeup routine.

A first-of-its-kind protective cover, the ModBeautyKeeper easily adapts to every type of hijab style and is entirely handmade and cruelty-free to save you from the worst cream and powder stains. This uniquely designed, homegrown beauty tool fastens securely to the hijab with its friendly adhesive which deters makeup from accidentally transferring onto your hijab during application.

Life changing, right? Mainly because you no longer have to worry about getting through your festive plans while staining your scarf. This ultimate beauty tool is your answer to a mess-free festive makeup application, and will take the stress out of your makeup routine while keeping your favourite headgears’ foundation and makeup free.

This genius accessory is also handwoven, eco-friendly and sustainable solution and sure to become your new beauty hero to ensure your makeup stays on point and off your hijab!

Priced at just AED 80, it comes in a reusable pouch that also includes six pairs of the Peel-Press-Release adhesive pads which can also be purchased separately at AED 45 for a pack of 30 pairs.


MODBEAUTYKEEPER is the brainchild of New York native Nandi K. Barker after noticing a gap in the market for a beauty tool that would allow modest makeup enthusiasts to touch up and apply their complexion makeup whilst staying modest and keeping their Hijabs clean and stain free. The first of its kind to hit the beauty industry, this essential beauty tool for hijabi wearers it eco-friendly, handwoven and reusable.