Winner Announced for The Waterfront Market’s Murals and Art Competition

Permanent Mural Honours UAE’s Front-Line Workers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15 December 2020: Dubai’s premier fresh food market, The Waterfront Market, and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority are delighted to announce the winner of the third edition of the Murals and Art Competition. This year’s competition honoured the front-line workers who have helped the UAE in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and judges were unanimous in their decision to award the winning prize of AED 15,000 to Kristian Barba Olidana for his work ‘Mute’, a stylized mural of what we all experienced during lockdown – video conferencing.

The winner, Kristian Barba Olidana said; “The artwork was simple yet has a deep and clear meaning, it tells a story. The mural was stylized like a Zoom software interface to remind us of one of the new normal to meet in 2020, thru video conference. There are 12 participants, 11 representing each type of front-liner, and 1 representing the whole world. Each front-liners were faceless, symbolizing the group sectors they represent. Also, each front-liner has a “Mute” icon, that symbolizes their choice to just do their duties as a front-liner and never complain. They were at high risk of being infected by the virus and they were separated from their loved ones, but we did not hear any complaints from them, they are just there, doing their duties and keeping us safe from the virus. The “Whole World” shows an open mic, that symbolizes comfort, freedom, and peace of mind that we don’t need to battle COVID-19 on our own since we have our front liners to do it. With this, I just want to use my “Mic” and my voice to at least say “Thank You!” to our heroes. I want to show to every front-liner (from cleaner to scientist), that they were represented in this art, and the whole world recognizes their job as heroic deeds forever.”

Mohammad Al Madani, Waterfront Market Manager said: “The response to this year’s competition was immense. There we so many wonderful entries, but Olidana’s piece really does express our deepest gratitude to all the brave front-line workers, who selflessly and tirelessly helped the wider community battle through this challenging year. It also captures what we all experienced during lockdown – constant video conferencing! The mural will be on permanent display at Waterfront Market for everyone to see.”

Khalil Abdulwahid Hassan, Director of Fine Arts Department, at Dubai Culture, said: “We are delighted with the winning entry for this year’s The Waterfront Market’s Murals and Art Competition. Art has the ability to conjure up so many emotions, and Olidana’s piece is very powerful as it gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to the front-line workers. The permanent mural will offer a rich cultural experience to all those that visit and we thank all those who participated in this year’s competition.”

Now in its third year, the Waterfront Market’s Murals and Art Competition aims to inspire the community and encourage budding artists and art enthusiasts throughout the UAE to engage with the wider creative community.

About the Waterfront Market

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