Share data at the drop of a finger with Lanour Beauty Lounge’s Smart Nail

15 December 2020, Dubai, UAE:  Dubai-based salon, Lanour Beauty Lounge has unveiled the UAE’s first microchip manicure, where data can be stored and shared via a microchip placed under a manicure. Within seconds, information can be transferred when the finger tapped by a phone, eliminating the need for business cards, pens or paper.

In an increasingly paperless world, where information is shared by the touch of a button, Lanour Beauty Lounge has taken near-field communication to the next level by incorporating it within their stunning manicures.

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that makes smartphones, tablets, wearables, payment cards and other devices even smarter. With NFC, information can be transferred between devices quickly and easily with a single touch—whether exchanging business cards, sharing Instagram handles or even in the near future, settling bills.

Lanour simply places a tiny microchip on the chosen nail, topping with a glitter coating. The wearer then has the option to customize which data they wish to store from their WhatsApp number to email or social media handle, the choices are interchangeable.

The chip is completely safe too as it’s a passive device, which means it’s can’t be tracked and can only be read through close proximity of 1 – 2cm, so there’s no fear of data being hacked or stolen.

Nour Nakarem, CEO of Lanour Beauty Lounge said: “I am fascinated by both beauty and technology and love playing around with the realms of what’s possible. I became inspired when I saw a business meeting taking place and the attendees were all sharing their data via their phone and I thought, what if we could do that through something as small as a fingernail – it’s always on us and transferrable with just the lift of a digit!

“This is just the start for the chip, we’re hoping to continue developing it so eventually promoters are able to share information with customers, waiters can share menus and customers can pay for shopping, eliminating the need to remember phones and wallets.

The Smart Nail starts at just AED 250 for the first application, which lasts up to three weeks and AED 150 thereafter, not including the manicure. An annual membership costs just AED 1000 inclusive of 12 applications.